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    BH70 backhoe trouble...

    My new BH70 might have the same issue, I'll know more when I remove some pins. The boom and stick collide, at full extension, at one side of that U-shaped opening. Between the amature assembly by the dealer and wrong or faulty parts, my backhoe is not even usable. I expected better.
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    Zero Turn.... Help!!!

    Maybe he understands the advantage of the minimal property tax on 10+ acres.
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    NEW LA 435 loader Question

    I suppose the oil leaks is the reason?
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    Be thankful you live where you do.

    I'm getting old but I still cut and burn about 7 cords of wood each year. I make it a point to buy heating oil for each and every one of those poor people that helps me. 🤪
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    Zero Turn.... Help!!!

    I bought a Country Clipper (no, you never heard of it), because it uses a joystick instead of those stupid arms and has a pivoting front axle plus the deck can stand up vertical for cleaning and service. If those things are not important to you, I would look at the Bad Boy mowers, just know...
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    Thump Position

    New BH70 backhoe with a BH1976 thumb will not use all 6 positions. When the thumb is raised completely it still partially blocks the last hole so the pin will not go in. With the thumb down one position, digging is reduced with the thumb resting on the soil. Apparently this thing is made...
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    No quotes being given now

    I went there as well and we had the same conversation. I did buy elsewhere, look around. I believe that Messicks is a good dealer and some wait time may be worth it, but business is business.
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    Drive it or trailer it?

    I looked up PA laws and apparently some type of liability insurance is required. It doesn't need to be insurance on the tractor, a general liability policy is OK.
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    Brush Cutting Services

    No joke, I think you are really light, especially when considering CAD. I have a machine shop, so shop rate is figured differently, but still it is customer demand that should be the determining factor. If you can't make a reasonably profit from that customer, move on to the next.
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    Kubota Manuals Silliness

    The engineers should have spent some time in the military motor pool.
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    Kubota M62 TLB Pin Retaining Bolt Snapping / Loose Nylon Lock Nuts

    On many of these style bolts, Kubota instructions show 2 to 3mm clearance instead of tightening. There is a bit of clearance in the pin hole and a tightened bolt will take the load instead of the pin and bushing leading to broken bolts.
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    Starting Problem

    Check your oil and see if it is milky, that sucking sound might be valves sticking. I hope that I am wrong, just throwing out a possibility. Water in oil can cause a milky appearance and might cause corrosion during storage. A compression test should show a valve problem.
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    Warranty Papers

    The My Kubota App does not help with the warranty, it only provides a link to general information.
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    Warranty Papers

    I just wanted to confirm that others did receive the paperwork. I emailed the salesman and he simply attached the brochure page showing warranty and said to use the My Kubota App. The salesman was out when I picked it up and I dealt with a clueless young lady. I want the real papers and you...
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    Warranty Papers

    When purchasing a new tractor, should there be warranty papers showing date of delivery supplied? I have nothing, and now see that my invoice is dated six weeks in arrears showing the date it was ordered.