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    Late fall sunset

    I had to stop and snap a photo as I was returning to the house after doing chores today.
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    Toolbox for MX6000

    Oh, well I don’t have any experience with a cab tractor, but I think a canvas or cordura tool bag with a zipper might work for you. For others with an open station, I snapped a few more photos of my boxes mounted on the tractor. The large box is for a chain, tools, and pins. The small ammo box...
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    Paralysis by analysis - Buying decision needs wise input!

    I would like a cab but didn’t choose one because I often work in wooded areas of my land. I don’t think the cab glass would last too long. If that’s not an issue for you, go for the cab, otherwise open station with a steel canopy is probably the wisest choice.
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    To Plow or not To Plow

    I like to remove as much snow as possible because snowmelt into the road bed softens it too much. I like to keep the gravel road as dry as possible.
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    Paralysis by analysis - Buying decision needs wise input!

    For your acreage and uses, the minimum size tractor I would advise is a MX, maybe even an M series. You will appreciate the better stability of these tractors over he L series for what you want to do. Cabs are nice, but not if you’re going to be working in the woods or around trees. That...
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    Toolbox for MX6000

    See my toolbox on my MX6000. I just removed the useless plastic Kubota box and replaced it in the same location. I did have to make a steel extension bracket for the SMV sign. I have since also added a small ammo box next to the toolbox on the ROPS cross brace.
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    Do you reverse your rear blade for snow ... any issues?

    That would help, but it’s simpler to just reverse the blade.
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    using tractor to pull a stuck car/truck/rv

    I keep a clevis pinned to my drawbar to connect the chain for pulling or cable for log skidding.
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    Do you reverse your rear blade for snow ... any issues?

    Yes, I reverse my blade to plow my gravel roads. I generally plow over 3/4 mile of road and the reversed blade keeps the gravel in place. I also do this in other times of years to do do the final gravel grading after pulling the gravel from the road ditches and shoulders with the blade facing...
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    Sometimes you just have to say it...

    I prefer my Dodge because of the Cummins motor.
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    A different quick hitch

    Just buy a longer toplink.
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    Running Hot

    Does it inhibit air flow?
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    Stupid question of the day...

    I made that same mistake once and had it gel in my tractor. Now I do the same as you.
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    Running Hot

    IDK how you solve this issue other than frequently cleaning the screen. I have heard that some people carry a small HF battery operated leaf blower on the tractor for this purpose.
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    Loader cylinder seals

    That is a consideration but the local dealers I’m familiar with have weeks worth of shop repairs and servicing stacked up. A hydraulic shop replaced the seals in a loader lift cylinder for me in 3 days (drop off to pick up).