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    Kubota F2400 72" deck blades hitting

    I would carefully compare the new blades with the old.
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    Baited bear

    Because its funny.
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    service ??????

    Stuart, Perhaps you can find someone to help rewrite your issue. Its confusing. Good luck.
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    L2501 back hoe

    I would begin by doing the math. Mini excavator rental cost to do the jobs vs cost to buy the enticing shiny orange backhoe.There will of course be residual value meaning what you might sell it for down the road to consider. Often when your jobs are done you end up tripping over it and perhaps...
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    How to price a job

    I would be pleased to pay $85 to a competent person to perform 2 hours of work. I think auto dealership shop rates are $125 per hour around here.
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    How to price a job

    $150 for 2 acres would be a bargain in my neighborhood. The cheapest I could find 5 years ago was $180 for my 2 acres. Thats when I acquainted myself with the "power of Kubota". I used my newish loader forks to load my unwieldy log splitter into the back of my pickup yesterday, a previously...
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    How to price a job

    Whats she look like?
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    Extreme Tire Repairs - Two methods

    I think you mean 1/1000 times replacement cost
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    Pick-up Bed

    You could also consider painting it the Kubota grey as there would be less of a concern with the matching issue. That color is also readily available. I have a spray can of it that I use to touch up the ROPs that I bang off of tree branches. Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel. There does not seem...
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    Tractor seats

    Maybe visit some dealers that offer other brands and sit on a bunch of different tractors and/or construction equipment until you find the proper fit. Bobcat and whatnot. Good luck.
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Many people are too stupid to have guns and they shouldn't have children either. Not much you can do about it. In some societies male criminals are castrated. That might be a good start. I secretly harbor thoughts regarding death row inmates and a large noisy wood chipper. Maybe when Elon Musk...
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    Recommendations for L2501 fuel tank pre-filter screen ?

    I have that in yellow and by design it leaves a good bit of fuel in the bottom every time its used. Due to this wasteful design feature I have only used it twice since I bought it two tears ago. Think I will pitch it.
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    What if there were no swear words

    A properly placed swear word is like properly placed paint on a canvas. Transformative , elevating and usually more impactful if used sparingly. 40 years ago in college I had a friend that often used the expression "F***n A" that has clung to my soul. I have rarely heard it since but...
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    Recommendations for L2501 fuel tank pre-filter screen ?

    Maybe buy a funnel with a filter in it already. Or make one using a funnel as the "primary ingredient". I have one but cant recommend it as it leaves a lot of fuel "waste" in the bottom. Good luck
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    Another Newbie Contemplating a New Purchase

    Where will you store it. Some tractors particularly those with cabs may not fit in a standard garage due to height considerations. Something to consider.