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    New to me...LX2610HSU with LA535 and RCK60-30bb (MM) Mower deck won't go low enough to cut.

    I thought the SU wasn't supposed to work with Mid Mount Mower due to the taller tires.
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    Fuel prices

    I bought 10 gallons of premium and 10 gallons of farm diesel (50cents cheaper than road diesel) and the bill was just over $100. It must be my fault since the politicians say it isn't them. :D
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    Tractor instead of fork lift - newbie

    I think it would be a good idea to add a ballast box or implement even if the tires are loaded. I have a L2501HST, btw. I lifted a heavy pallet (pull behind Roughcut mower estimated by them at 650 lbs), but just once out of my pickup. The delivery driver had a lift gate to easily slide it in...
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    Well R14 tires are on....

    I put a smiley face on my post. I thought your humor was funny just responded with some humor of my own. ;)
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    Grading scraper for L3901

    I use the GS2572 with my L2501 HST and R4 loaded rear tires. I've do a section of our unmaintained community road and my driveway with loader and bucket, without the bucket, and without the loader and bucket. I also have the QH15, so quite a bit of weight. The elevation is around 4000-4500...
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    Well R14 tires are on....

    A BX to play in the mud with ... I probably would have bought something different for that purpose. :D
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    Tree spade L2501

    Not a tree spade, but some people use stump buckets. Good Works Tractors makes these.
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    Important KTAC Insurance Update

    No, it doesn't sound like the same coverage.
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    Kubota actually never fixed the B3350. They abandoned it. It would have been great for the B3350 owners if they did fix it. I feel their handling of the issues is a black eye, but no more than Ford's handling of the 6.4. The LX also uses different injection technology, but otherwise similar...
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    Fwiw, most Fords that had severe emissions issues like the 6.4 didn't use DEF and were completely fine until they weren't. They also had a warranty and worked in the background. Furthermore, the LX is relatively new, so nobody can guarantee an issue won't pop up with the emissions system...
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    That might be true, but somehow all the recommendations that I've heard say R4s are the tougher tire. Btw, I wasn't really able to find apples to apples comparisons on the Carlisle site.
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    I don't that's worth much. He also had a B3350, and we know how that worked for many people. Also, Neil can go borrow a larger tractor if he wants one or even heavy equipment. At the end of the day, all of the Kubota's are "solid" for their intended use. I don't think that means much...
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    You can buy a finish mower or flail finish mower for what you can buy a MMM. The LX is only slightly bigger than your current B. It seems like it would make more sense to keep the B3200 if you want to stay with a MMM. You can look at the dimensions on
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    Unless you are getting a cab, you should also consider an L and Grand L if not the MX. They are significantly larger and may keep you from having to upgrade again in a short while.
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    B2650 good for a small farm and 1/4 mile driveway in NH?

    If it is a good deal, then it would be a good start. You can always sell it later to upgrade if you find you need a larger one.