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    Ready for winter

    Have a paved driveway, plenty of traction with the R14 tires that are loaded with beet juice.
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    Ready for winter

    Put my snowblower on today. Ready for winter. Tractor back in the shed and ready for the first Wisconsin snow fall
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    LX2610 wheel spacer options with 60" deck

    I have zero concerns about how effective the MMM is for mowing, just a PITA to take it on and off. Easier if you lift the front tires up with the loader, but still a hassle. I take the loader off to mow, but that’s a much easier process. Someday I will buy a zero turn so I don’t need to switch...
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    New Tractor 5 acres

    For what its worth, I have 5.25 acre property that is hilly and wooded. Been very pleased with my LX3310 and all the work I have been able to get done on the property. Built a new home and did all the lawn prep and seeding as well as moving gravel, 180' of block retaining walls, base and...
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    What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep

    After more than 25 years in law enforcement and working many years of midnight shifts and long investigations that stretched for days with little sleep, and sleep deprivation from working midnight shift and then coaching my kids sports, my best suggestion is exercise to wear yourself out. I had...
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    Bird feeders

    I had a long talk with our meat birds and told them to maintain social distances from wild songbirds and stay 6' from each other. Have two weeks to go on the first group of Cornish Cross Chickens and can't have them getting the bird flu now.
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    Tractor time with Tim also has the LX3310.
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    LX2610 or LX3310

    I went in to the dealer to buy the LX2610 a year ago and ended up with the LX3310 because they had one in stock vs waiting. Finance committee at home told me to get what I wanted so I did. Have 85 hours on the tractor, mostly moving dirt with the FEL, box blade and tiller around our new home to...
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    LX2610 buying help - HP question

    I am confident you would be happy with either the LX2610 or the LX3310. I went in to get a LX2610 and ended up with the LX3310 because the dealer had one in a crate on site (DEC 2020). I have over 70 hours and zero concerns or problems with the extra Tier 4 emissions stuff. Never a shortage of...
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    R14 vs r1

    I have hilly property, driveway is over 20% grade in one area, and the R-14's on my LX3310 (smaller size) have been great in the spring mud and zero issues moving snow all winter without chains. Did well on my paved driveway and the gravel road to my shed at the rear of my property.
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    LX2610 wheel spacer options with 60" deck

    Great idea..wish I would have went with the 3pt finish mower instead of the MMM 60" mower, easier to take it on and off.
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    Looking for help with purchase – B/LX/L tractor owners with wet/soggy soil

    I like the steering brakes on the left foot and the HST pedal on the right foot on the LX for what its worth. I have heavy clay soil that takes a while to dry out, come see the ruts in my lawn where I thought I could drive last week as it was dry for a couple of days. I would suggest you look at...
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    Important differenes between LX2610 and B2601?

    If user comfort is important for a larger person, I would look at the LX. I was trying to decide between the B2601 and LX2610 when I went to buy my tractor. I sat on both and the space for the operator was a better fit for me (6'-2' 250#) on the LX. I bought an LX3310 as the dealer had one in...
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    LX3310HSDCC Ballast quandary

    Sorry, tired, shouldn't post so late past my bedtime. edited.
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    How do you store your loader when off the tractor?

    No issues. I used 4 dollies, they claim they are rated for 1000#, but I doubt it. Rolled the loader on the dollies out of one side of the garage and across the cement driveway to the other side today without any issues. I have a garage with two 16'x8' overhead doors and a center divided wall...