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  • I have a question on the Block Heater. I had the dealer install one on my L3560HSTC and he told me to get a plug in timer and set it so it will warm the engine before I go to take it out during cold weather, my neighbor said he has a SkidSteer and he just plugs it in and leaves it that way until he needs it. Is there any problem in leaving it plugged in during cold weather so I can use it when I want or should I use the timer??
    I was also thinking ..... if I left my quick attach hitch on and then added the hoe that would move it out away from the cab several more inches? just pondering solutions.

    This is the first reply I have received. Thanks. no pics yet. no hurry. would be a 2018 or 2019 project anyway (backhoe). Bet the trees are turning and looking great out your way! My Brother lives in MA but he's turned into a city slicker.
    I'll have to take some close up shots, but it is on a sub-frame that extends out to accommodate the cab.
    jajiu- Question for you.. Your L3560 is a cab model, I was told awhile back I couldn't add a backhoe to my L4200 because the cab would cause interference with the backhoe/operator. could you send me a couple of closer up pics of how your backhoe attaches? I'd really like to add one to my L4200.
    Maybe radio shack? I got replacement antenna for other things there along while back. Also E-bay is great for used parts.
    I broke the antenna off my L3560HSTC and the dealer wants $80. for a new antenna. I only need the little ball with the stud that the antenna screws on to. It's probably a $5. part, but they do not sell it. Anyone have any solution on how to replace that part without breaking the bank?
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