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    A rant

    I recently purchased an overhaul kit for one of the new GM 6 spd transmissions from a local gm dealer. It was one large bag with "Genuine GM " on it and inside was 6 bags with all the small parts. Each bag had a different country, Ireland, India , Taiwan etc, etc.
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    OEM mulch blades vs Gator mulch blades AND 60” MMM mulch kit installed

    I use the gator blades, mowing and mulching.
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    Has anyone ever owned or tried one of these

    I recently purchased an echo trimmer, can't remember the model but is was a step above the economy model, had a stronger head for the saw blade. I had started clearing under brush and my old green machine was getting harder and harder to start. I could only cut about 20 to 30 minutes with the...
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    BX2370 wheel spacers

    I'd have to pull them back off to see what I did. It has been several years ago. I just remember they would not work untill I cut recess in the spacer.
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    BX 2200 trans leak

    It would help to describe where it's leaking, maybe a picture.
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    BX2370 wheel spacers

    I bought a set off e bay. They did not have the inner lip cutout for the rim. I have a lathe so I fixed that. If yours don't have that cutout, they may come loose later, check them.
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    fuel tank gunk

    Try 90 % alcohol on a spot.
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    COVID-19 Stuff

    Covid 19 may be over exaggerated but, when it hits one of your family members, it's a different story. My sister ( in Ga) spoke to here son last night( in Texas) who has been tested positive. She said he could barely talk for coughing. I sure hope I don't have to come back on here and say he died!
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    9 mil 1911 suggestions

    I don't own a 1911 but,, of all the firearms I have owned or now own, only 2 have never,, failed to fire, failed to eject or failed to feed. A Sig and my Springfield Armory XD, both in 9 mm.
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    9 mil 1911 suggestions

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    COVID-19 Stuff

    The thing that I don't hear much about is the tax money. Counties and states depend on tax money for their daily operations. If the business are not doing business and collecting taxes, how is the local and state governments going to deal with 50% less income. Are all our property, sales...
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    COVID-19 Stuff

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    Oil stains

    WHAT bigg said except,, pour paint thinner,,, mineral spirits on it first and rub it in. Then sprinkle the kitty litter on it and let it sit overnight. 40 years of cleaning concrete floors in a transmission shop!!!
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    Feasible Adding FEL To A BX2380 ?

    Bush Hog brand makes a fel for the bx 2200. I bought one some years ago and it came with everything but one fitting. $2700, at the time. Took about 6 hours to install. never any problems and it was still on it when I sold it.