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    Tractor Wheel Database Somewhere?

    re: Pitch Circle Diameter. The diameter of a circle that passes through the center of the lug bolts or studs... OK... same as 'Bolt Circle' here in Canada,eh !!!
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    Tweaked Box blade

    It's nice you found out WHAT the problem was and have a solution. While I have great soil, neighbour 2000' away IS the 'terminal moraine' ! LOTS of every sized boulders and stones and clay and gravel and dirt.. Cannot use boxblade, it'd be destroyed...backhoe is the tool to use....
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    Steel cost redux

    scrap ( mixed tin) is about 5 cents per pound ay the local yard, get 2 more cents an hour away.... I worked at STELCO for over a decade before USS bought it,gutted it, left.There were 10,000 employed now 200-250 ... so it's not just the Chinese that have dessimated the steel industry. Another...
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    Source for small debris forks?

    yeesh $380 is about 500 Canucks, and I could easily make you FIVE 'forks' for that pile of coins.... really, printout a pcture or two of what you want, and your bucket, goto a local welder/fab shop. easily done in a day for maybe $150 ?
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    Coloring Hydraulic Fluid

    re: AS much as it does not make any sense whatsoever ...... well it does to me.. consider... Unless the 'chemical' used in the dye is KNOWN and properly tested withing the Kubots HST/ hydraulic system, you can't prove whether the 'dye' can or cannot 'harm' any component within the 'system'...
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    Tractor Wheel Database Somewhere?

    Ok, what's P.C.D. mean....
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    even more cornfusing, is that 'car alternators' actually have the diodes ( used to convert AC into DC) built INSIDE,so as a 'black box'.. it converts rotary motion into 3 phase DC......
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    Water in Hydraulic fluid

    I'd probably run for an hour or more, USING it( drive around NOT idling..) to be sure everything is hot.... then drain the oil. When it's 'ready' to refill, STOP. Put another pan under the drain hole and walk away for a day,at least overnight ! You may be surprised how much MORE oil comes out. I...
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    Shredder - Rotary Mower - Bush Hog died!

    re: Our 5' light duty shredder died. OK, have to ask ...HOW did it 'die' ? Depending on mfr/model/etc... parts to repair might(well...should..) be cheaper than buying a new,unknown unit. A high priced of the product doesn't mean it IS better. The lighter duty 'fam store' units usually die due...
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    B2650 loader bucket moves freely.

    As others have said HUGE safety issue !!! if you don't think it is, fill the bucket to max, raise to max, lay underneath it, then have someone 'simulate' a blown hose by cutting it with angle grinder or sawzall or skilsaw..... Now as for WHY it happens, that's the way it was designed,engineered...
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    gotta ask WHAT failed in the dynamo ? Broken wire or magnet fell off ?
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    Need help on fuel line on old Deere 2020

    those 'sealing washers' need to be COPPER, they have to compress to actually seal.
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    Kind of a 'war of words', depending on what part of the world you live in... to me, in Canada,eh... dynamo, is a device with a rotating magnet and a fixed coil that produces power generator, a device with a powered field coil, brushed making DC power alternator, a device with a powered field...
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    yuck ! I had a B&S that wouldn't turn over.... tore it apart, fearing a broken rod...nope, several of the magnets inside the flywheel had broken off !! well at least one, it took out the next one, then that took out the next one...... Easy fix, replaced flywheel.
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    B7100 hood rust repair.. bondo queen!

    just consider it your 'Winter project'.... you one and ONLY, by the looks of it. yeesh,there had to be 2 gallons of bondo on that hood ! you're right summer more of it will be coming off ,to be refurbished...