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    Delivery Disaster

    maybe not a 'center of gravity' error , but having that much steel overhead, swaying, can move the tractor and on wet steel ,surely didn't help. looks like several 'small' things added up to a disaster couple of broken 1" straps took down a 747 one year, killed all 7 onboard.
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    curious, and finally found where the yellow 'carryall' came from, so here's another picture of it sliding into a skid. 'normal' skid ..hmmmmm, around here a 'normal' skid is 40x48 , all made from 2by6, consisting of 3 runners and decking. 40" wide ,as 3 fit real easy on the 11' wide racking, 4'...
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    Delivery Disaster

    and it felt like 3 years passed watching that video... sigh..... bet I'm not the only one that wanted to tell the dude, get out, I'll get it off, it ain't that hard.... too bad the delivery dude didn't SLIDE the ramps TO the tractor, kinda wonder just HOW it got on..... yup, RAISE the implement...
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    Straps or Chains for trailering?

    YES , a single twist of the strap really works... friend was carrying kayak on top of car..drove him NUTS(like a zillion bees buzzing over head)... someone said 'twist a strap'....dead silent !!!
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    When I said 'carryall' , I meant a 'generic' style of 3ph lifting device. Both the yellow one and the red one posted are 'carryall' implements to me. Something that you can use to lift up a 'skid' to move 'something' from point A to B. they're easy to make, affordable to buy and are a very...
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    SPL0560 Snow Pusher: will it attach to B2601 SSQA?

    this may shed some light... picture on the right shows 2 black ADAPTERS needed to convert to SSQA they look simple to build but wonder what they cost .....
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    Does anyone have a hip replacement?

    as others have said DO THE EXERCISES !!!!! one friend didn't and he's damn near wheelchair bound, again... brother did everything and he's 40 years younger !!! if you're a tad overweight', shed some pounds,slowly, if you can. even 5-10 less pounds makes it easier on your body. the friend...
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    Any '2wd CUT that is lighter with a weak front axle' should not have the option of a loader from the manufacturer. Iif it does, then it has been properly designed for that purpose. Carrying an 800# stone does require a strong tractor. I have had 12-16 HP GARDEN TRACTORs with loaders than can...
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    How much rear ballast is enough for BX with FEL?

    1st forget about filling tires with anything as you mow your lawn... ANY drop of calcium comes out and you WILL be buying new rims,only a matter of time. 6 out of 8 of my $$$ rims rotted due to calcium. Plus you do NOT want ANY extra weight on a tractor while cutting the grass ( which YOU do...)...
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    My loader D-14 had loaded tires,which was real common farming practice in the 50s and 60s.... 5 or 8 of the original power adjust rims were destroyed by calcium,sad cause combine rims just don't 'look proper'..... Every 'loader' should have ballast, dang forklift has 4000# of cast iron on the...
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    Any advice on which one to buy?

    Contrary to some here, you do not NEED 4WD or HST for 'loader work' !! Ask any previous generation or older farmer what THEY used...odds are it will have been a 2wd, gear tranny tractor. My 1st D-14 ( have 4) , was used a LOT as a loader, clutch pedal cross hatches almost worn out ! yes, both...
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    Compatible Front Mount SnowBlowers for BX

    From a 'mechanical' viewpoint, as I don't have the K system, in picture #3 , there's not a lot of 'overlap' between the two 'couplings' and there's a lot of distance (gap) between them radially ( round the clock ? ) compared to a 'Lovejoy' type of coupling maybe this is normal for the system but...
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    Trade AG for TURF?

    option 'B'.... buy 2nd set of rims , mount the turfs on them cause there's NO WAY turf tires will pull those discs. don't think there's no 'one-tire-does-all'.. farming and grass cutting are way different !
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    M9540 no starting problem

    free and easy load testing.... put 'suspect' battery into another vehicle ( but NOT wife's ride...) and see if it starts and runs fine....
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    Hot shot secret diesel extreme

    jcm.. I see you have a block you have a 'battery warmer blanket' as well ? If not, get one... a warm battery is a HAPPY battery and will turn over the engine a LOT better.