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  • The Intimidator is an excellent piece of equipment. I just need to learn how to use it more effectively. Buried rocks and tree saplings, here I come! I'm committed to eliminating as many brush cutter/rock encounters as possible, though it may take a lot of time and diesel.
    I'm about to give up and install pressure relief needle valves on my grapples' hydro lines ( Danuser Intimidator :love: and Chinese 😣double lid Rock-Root ) to make hydro connections easier (possible for me by myself).
    Also looking desperately for a mod that will let me operate the rear hydraulics from outside the cab (a major problem for me and my reduced mobility). May fab, have made, or purchase an expanded or perfed steel brush guard to supplement the inadequate grill protector. Fabing a 3-point hitch ballast platform/box that will include chainsaw holders, a toolbox, and long-handled tool holders. More to come if I live long enough.
    Traded my NH for an MX5400 cab manual Xmission, air ride seat, loaded front & rear hydraulics (including 3d member and one side lift arm), ballasted rear Ag tires, and Pete's Quick-Hitch adapters (to accommodate non-standard older attachments. Presently equipping it with front & rear cameras feeding a 10" split-screen display and LED work lights & bar. Looking for a rear window rock protector and seat cover for its air ride seat.
    I would like to hear what type of lights you used as I have an mx5400 with cab as well. The camera system also is a fantastic idea. Have you completed the installation?
    I'm interested in the camera system. A link to it and your reasoning for choosing it woud be appreciated.
    Bought the Danuser Intimidator. As others have said, the grapple tip is impossible to see from the cab seat and a forward-looking camera is a near necessity. A ground guide assistant is a poor substitute. The long "snout" length and implement weight severely reduces digging and root braking ability on anything but a FEL with heavy breakout capacity. The tractor must be heavily ballasted. Grabbing smaller trees with the grapple's pincers and pushing straight on generally works best for me with my light ballasting and short/narrow tractor footprint.

    I will repost after some tractor reconfiguration and learning how to best use this well made heavy duty implement. As things stand now, my tractor and experience are the primary limiting factors
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