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    Another Am I getting Shafted Question

    Agreed. I’ve been successful in 3 different, unrelated court cases…in each case attorney and court costs were part of the suit…and in each case the final rulings, despite being in my favor,… assigned all atty and court fees to the individual parties to the suit. I.E. we each had to pay our own.
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    l4200 problems

    Maybe. Maybe it’s the battery. Maybe something else. Eliminate one thing at a time. Start with the battery…then move on to battery-cables,….fusible links…. safety switches…. relays…. This thread may help...
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    l4200 problems

    A valid test of a battery is not seeing if there are “big sparks” when touching battery cable ends together. That is a good way to get battery acid all over you. Take it out, charge it up, and test it properly…or take it to Walmart/AutoZone/NAPA/Interstate … and they’ll tell you if it’s any good.
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    Mixing hydraulic oil

    Sorry…I was just-editing my post to include alternate oils as you posted Hokie… Yes ISO 32 or ASLE H-150…. whatever that is.…
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    Mixing hydraulic oil

    Thanks for that explanation, Hokie… I have a splitter which called for AW32 (or ASLE H-150 or ISO32) and that’s what I put in it (AW32 from O-Reillys). But during the first engine-oil-change I read the mfr’r recommended “Dexron III” transmission-fluid if used extensively in hot (70-degree F)...
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    Bolt on bucket chain hooks

    Not criticizing Kens’ Bolt-On products… they are clearly well-made products and solve the installation problem for those who do not/can not weld…or for those who choose not to weld… for whatever reason…. I just don’t see any validity in the claims they are “stronger” than ordinary weld-on...
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    Self-Check-out at Walmart

    WalMart is figuring out how to avoid checking receipts at the exits….by using AI.
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    Reverse mortgage

    The First Proposal, approved by the Senate, was in 1983 and was brought by Republican Senator John Heinz.
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    Kubota Restores Some Of Their Classics

    Here’s one proposed tractor model they’d likely rather forget about…
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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    The one confused seems to be you. ;)
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    Reverse mortgage

    My dementia Mother was secretly talked-into a “life estate deed” by my brother who worked with a sneaky-lawyer who was my Moms neighbor. (He knew Mom had been adjudged incapable of making decisions two years earlier but our brother had hired him to get-around the will.) Basically… brother...
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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    WHAaaaa…????? but YOU posted…
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    Category 1/2 3-point?

    My lift arms are reversible…i.E…. remove, swap end-for-end…and it’s no longer Cat 1 …it’s CAT 2. Top link is always Cat 2 but has a bushing for Cat 1 toplinks.
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    Killing the battery instantly on starting

    That’s one of the main differences between automotive and marine or aviation wiring… the latter has each individual strands are “tinned” prior to assembly into a cable. This prevents such corrosion inside the sheath.