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    Kubota Electric Tractor Survey

    Diesel power. We will need more power plants and a new grid if everything go electric. Most of the small tractors do get used a lot of hours so they don't cause much pollution.
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    Accident To Share

    I hook this up when it is not attached to the tractor. There is some air in the black pipe so it never builds up pressure.
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    Winter Prep

    If you start it you should run it until it is fully warmed up. You will get condensation in the exhaust until it is hot.
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    blocked dpf filter on svl90-2

    Dealer Only.
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    Budget Man Basket

    Tie it to the tractor so it can't come off the forks.
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    Bacteria in fuel

    I pulled the left hand tank. The left hand tank has the fuel pickup and fuel gauge. I was able to look inside and push a rag around. It seems to be clean. I have been keeping the tank full with treated fuel. I think I am near the end of the problem.
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    Bacteria in fuel

    I bought a 2017 4060HSTC with 107 hours on it on 06/19/21. On 07/09/2021 I noticed some junk in the water separator an started treating it with PS Bio Kleen. On 10/10/2021 today I to the water separator apart and I am getting a little junk inside the screen. The tractor has 250 hours on it now...
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    Stink bugs

    Seeing a lot more than normal in NE Ohio.
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    Land Pride RTR 1266 PTO help

    My local tractor dealer sold my the front and rear shaft. I knockout the roll pin and did it my self. I think about $30.00.
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    Chain tensioner mod on Land Pride Tiller

    I can not adjust chain. When it gets to loose I will replace the chain.
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    Chain tensioner mod on Land Pride Tiller

    Yes I added the sprocket.
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    Landpride tiller or tsc

    I would not buy Land Pride again.
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    Good Fuel Can

    It works on my L3540 and my L4060HSTC.
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    Good Fuel Can With shipping it was $105.62 for 2 of them.