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    bx23s loader hydraulic leak?

    When mine did that I had to rebuild the cylinder. Can be done with a minimum off tooling and a lot of youtubing
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    fuel additive question

    What I use is Two-Cycle TC-W3 Oil - Outboards, Personal Water Craft (PWC’s), Snowmobiles, this is the same thing I use in my 1999 Dodge Ram Diesel since they reduce the sulfur lubrication for the injector pump. I have an older B7800 Kuboata. The newer trucks were built around the new diesel...
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    B2910 Kubota Tachometer

    Just a quess my b7800 I can see that the needle is bent(probably from heat) and it is touching the plastic cover and it is catchy
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    Pushing rear attachments, specifically a landscape rake?

    I watched a video of EA attachments with there lanscape rake and that thing is built tuff but he mention it is not advisable to use to push unless it is rotated 180 degrees then push all you want.
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    What type of flare on hydraulic lines? BX23

    most hoses are 37 degree
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    Rear lift not working

    on my b7800 and some others there is a control for the drop speed under the seat and rotating knob. I believe its main purpose is to prevent the 3 pt from dropping during transporting on roads.
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    LB400 FEL cylinder leak..........

    yep, that was about 3 months ago, only takes about 1 hr to do. loosen that gland nut while on the tractor. I heat some hyd oil to about 250 to soften the hard piston one and then put a hose clamp on it lightly to reconfom it to the piston. the rest was nothing for mine.
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    LB400 FEL cylinder leak..........

    Just rebuilt one of those on my LA402 loader. Bought two sets but just did the bad one.
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    B2910 Tach Erratic

    My guess is that it needs to be flushed out light lube on install.
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    Electrical help needed on BX23D

    Perfect answer, I didn't want to write so much.
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    Electrical help needed on BX23D

    That battery test does not test under load. Need a load test or at least check voltage at battery while cranking.
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    Mx5800 won't stay running

    Soak and blow it out. But can run for test with the cap loose.
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    Mx5800 won't stay running

    Gas cap vent plugged, or sluge or algie in bottom of tank
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    B8200 battery troubles...

    might want to check to see if the battery is being charged, not familiar with the unit you have but possibly running on a completely dead battery and depending on the charge system to do all the work my fry the charging set up. should see maybe 13-14+ volts at the battery trying to charge up...