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    L4701 vs MX5400

    I really like the chain bucket option, unfortunately I've had to order a new mx5400 due to the attached picture...which means I need a new grill guard..come out ok in the tractor, not so much on the barn.
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    List of grill guard fabricators and or skid plates..

    Ordered my grill guard from lown performance a couple months too late but finally got it, after I put a couple of holes in the grill ha
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    Grill Guard

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    Grill Guard

    I just put a hole through my grill on my new mx5400... I will be getting a grill guard very soon
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    New Kubota owner

    Hey folks, excited that I found this site. My new MX5400 was just delivered today! I have been using a MF 231 for the last 4 or 5 years. Got permission to upgrade from the boss lady if I sold it. I have 20 acres of mostly pasture, where we raise pastured poultry, deep litter/pastured pigs, and...