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    L4701 vs MX5400

    Excellent point !!!👍
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    L4701 vs MX5400

    And your getting the sales numbers directly from Kubota ???? Orphan status is really funny as it shares parts and components from many other models a fact you can look into !!!!
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    HST "whine" getting louder L3301

    My L4701 fluid change for hydraulic is 400hrs same as motor oil !!! Blows my mind that motor oil is same change interval as Super UDT 2 . I ran heavy equipment for a living had JD excavator hydro fluid was 4K hours for change !!!
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    L01 series rear work lights

    Just recently purchased Led light kit from Amazon was 63.00 dollars Night Lite has 20 inch light bar and two 4 inch cube lights wiring harness,relay,and switch I used Kubotas work light plug on rite rear fender for power.For rear cube lights used magnetic brackets very strong no drilling of rop...
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    Is this a good deal?

    Got to be a misprint most likely 27,900 actually list price ?? 2,790.00 down payment 🤑
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    L4701 vs MX5400

    Three main differences are MX has Cab offered its FEL capacity is larger it’s PTO HP is more than L4701.Elecrtric over hydraulic Pto is on both. Rear tires in R4s are same size.Fronts are slightly larger on MX. On Kubota specs lift capacity on 3pt is a hair higher on L4701 like 10lbs I figure...
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    Want versus Need - L47 or L4701 or MX5400

    Have been very impressed with BH 92 on my L4701 ran full size BH and Excavator for years.When I purchased my BH it was like 6,200 two half years ago. Your not going to set world on fire but it’s very capable attachment Kubota builds it very well heavy duty no doubt.I have know regrets buying it…
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    L4701 vs MX5400

    4701 has been a huge seller for Kubota !!! If you get correct specs it’s really close to MX series !!! Those few thousands you can put towards implements !!!
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    L4701 vs MX5400

    They share rear tire size and L4701 has more 3 pt lift by only 10pounds!!! MX has more FEL capacity and pto Hp and cab is offered as option on MX !! I went with L4701 with FEL and BH 92 love it !!!
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    Oils and lubricants.

    I’m in Western NC we don’t get real Im in western NC temps don’t get real cold I use what Kubota puts in them 10w-30w synthetic. While under warranty I buy from dealer they have record of it and I write it down also. As for grease I use conventional.
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    L4701 I am an idiot how screwed am I ?

    You said oil is sparkly is this clean sparkly oil or there’s metal specs in oil ??
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    L4701 I am an idiot how screwed am I ?

    As others have mentioned usually fuel is problem !! Water,dirt,algae or air usually the culprit ?? If original bought filters at Kubota dealer they would have record of it !!!
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    MX5400 ROPS armrest

    On my L4701 I used they have arm rest my seat had dimples in it for mounting didn’t do price comparison with Kubota.
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    L4701 vs MX5400

    QH hitch on L4701 well give CatII option.
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    Assisted suicide?

    A point I was going to make !!! Lawyers and greed prevent what we do to animals. We let animals die with dignity but not humans…