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    Is paying $800 more for a B2601 over a B2301 worth it?

    I bought the 2301 and used the extra money for a backhoe. Felt like the hoe was worth it cause the pump outputs were the same or very close in GPMs. I may go slower or have to take smaller bites of work but it's been fine so far.
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    B2301 or B2601?

    In 2016 I had this same issue, 2301 vs 2601. Went with the 2301 because I wanted a backhoe. The extra cost didn't seem worth it! The GPMs were the same or very close, BH 70, but the 2301 does have a bit of shorter swing radius than other backhoes, 140 degrees or so.
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    BX fuel tank strainer

    tried one on my b2301.. didn't fit. my neck is only about 1 3/4.
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    Wong Backhoe controls on my BX23S?

    I have a 2016 b2301 and the control arms are a tight fit, for me!, i have to be careful about snagging them with the tractor running and causing a unwanted movement. yours has more clearence but will it be more tiring on your arms because of extended reaching? Could this be the reason for new or...