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    Front mount blower for b7300?

    I have a line on a BX2763A snow plow with a B2733A quick hitch for my B2920 tractor. My tractor has an LA364 loader and a subframe for my BH65 backhoe. I need to know if: 1) I can attach B2733 in the presence of the loader subframe and the backhoe subframe, and 2) Will the B2733 interfere with...
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    b2601 quick hitch?

    Reverse question: I have located a slightly used B2782B snowblower that comes with a B2714C quick mount. Is this the correct mount for my B2920 tractor?
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    modified Amazon BH77 Thumb

    What is the gizmo clamped to the top of the bucket cylinder?
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    ROPS Threaded Hole

    The thread on the ROPS of my B2920 is 10x1.25 mm.
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    3 pt hitch speed control

    I was able to free up the knob on my recently acquired B2920 by squirting PB Blaster at the threads, letting it soak for a few minutes, and working it with vice grips on the shaft as suggested below. Now, I want to remove the knob so that I can remove the plastic cover it passes through to work...