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    BX23D Breather Vent added to Front Axle

    Nice looking solution and something I’ve toyed with doing for a while. Did you tap and thread a hole in the bolt, then screw in that elbow? If so, what size? What did you attach to the end in the engine compartment?
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    You can use the forum’s Search feature/function. Works pretty well.
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    Ready For Winter

    Oh boy, doesn’t look quite like that here yet. I’m sure it will soon.
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    Ready For Winter

    Most dreaded task done - putting the chains on the tires. Now ready for snow:
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    SOLD..... BX1850 factory cruise kit

    PM sent…
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    Milwaukee Hand Tools Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Ratchets, Sockets - Excellent Condition

    Milwaukee Hand Tools set, including: 1/2" Breaker Bar 1/4" Ratchet Set with Case 3/8" Pivoting Metric Ratchet Set with Case Both SAE and Metric Deep Well Sockets with rails Both SAE and Metric Standard Sockets with rails 1/2" Metric Sockets with rail SAE and Metric Combination Wrenches 22mm...
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    BX 25 Hazard Light Lens

    Definitely a mystery when I search the internets - maybe call/email your deals and ask? Taking a look at Messick's, I can see both 50 (Lens 1) and 60 (Lens 2) referenced in the diagram...the Job Quantity for both says 2, so maybe either one will work:
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    FS: Ai2 Products 2.8HD Quick Attach for 50, 60, and 70 Series BX

    Hi- I'm selling my Ai2 Products 2.8HD Quick Attach for BX 50, 60 and 70 series tractors. Full specs can be seen here: It's in great shape and is just over a year old. I'm including the center pin with grease Zerk. Asking $300, shipped to the...
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    BX 1860 Instrument Cluster

    No, sorry, this is gone.