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    M7070 extra wire ends???

    Did you get it figured out?
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    M7070 extra wire ends???

    Both sides. I used one to feed LED work lights through a lighted rocker switch on one of the roof supports. M6060 work lights | OrangeTractorTalks - Everything Kubota
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    M7070 extra wire ends???

    My M6060 has extra wires on the ROPS posts that are only powered when the key is on. They’re not ran from the headlight or work light switches. BTW, they have the same barrel connectors as the ones in the photos.
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    M7070 extra wire ends???

    Did you check them with the key on?
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    I broke one of my rules

    I got our Christmas tree down Thursday night for the wife, she finished decorating it yesterday afternoon.
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    Hero to zero in six days

    My opinion of him is the same, but there are probably thousands of young people who view him as a role model. Personally I don't want him as a role model for my grandson or granddaughter.
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    Hero to zero in six days

    When asked if he was vaccinated didn’t he reply that he’d been immunized? So maybe in his mind he didn’t think he was lying because he was using a alternative treatment. I bet now he wishes he’d just said he wouldn’t discuss his vaccination status. Its ironic that the news media would call...
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    1st torque wrench! Deciding on bolt torque?

    It's called breakaway torque. Just because a bolt doesn't move when removing it with the wrench set at the manufactures spec doesn't mean it wasn't correctly torqued. Forum Question: Definition of Breakaway Torque for Threaded Fasteners and Threaded Inserts (
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    My Truck And Trailer. Show Yours!

    My 14 Ram 1500 with my 18' goose neck that I haul the hot rod on. The trailer has 5200# axles with brakes on both axles.
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    Compassion shown by 23 month old

    That's why I love small children, you show them a little love and affection and they'll return it multiplied many times over. We never know what impact even a kind word can have on a childs life. My hat's off to the OP and good luck with your adoption.
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    Rebuilt Kubota front loader bucket

    Great job! What material did you make the weld on cutter bar out of?
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    L2501 tuned down...? Dealer stated...?

    Just going by what he told me. I’ll be there tomorrow for parts, I’ll ask then.
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    Grapples for mx6000

    I have this one on my M6060, 72". Grapple Buckets CL4 Extreme Duty Grapple Bucket | Dan's Equipment Sales (