News: Classifieds 2.0

Over the last 18 months the site has grown a lot. We have outstripped the simple classifieds system put together on a weekend more than a year ago… The existing system does not allow anyone to edit or update their ad after the fact, add pictures, take down their ad, answer questions or anything fun like that. It served us well but it was also a pain in the butt to use.

Buy, Sell & Trade

Instead of reinventing the wheel creating a classifieds system, we have a new section on the forums: Buy, Sell & Trade!

Cool! How can I post an ad?
You will need to register on the forums in order to post your ad and any pictures. Registering on the forums also comes in handy when you have helpful advice to give or need it from someone else. Bonus.

What sorts of things should I include in my ad?
Take a look here for some tips. There is no strict rules regarding the formatting of the ads – but – certain things can make your ad easier to find.

What happens to the existing ads on the old system?
They are no longer accessible. If you want your ad up you will have to post it again – sorry about that!

Mr. K

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