New Kubota L45 Completes TLB Lineup

Kubota's new L45 replaces the outgoing L48 which was discontinued last year.

Kubota's new L45 replaces the outgoing L48 which was discontinued last year.

Rumors of the L45’s arrival have been circling since mid 2008 and earlier this month Kubota officially announced their new L45 tractor-loader-backhoe, part of their TLB series that includes the L39 and the new B26 and M59 models. Previous favorites of this lineup included the L35 and L48, discontinued in 2004 and 2008 respectively. The arrival of this model restores the number of L-series TLB models back to its usual two offerings.

HST Transmssion Introduced
The big changes for the L45 are the introduction of an HST transmission and backhoe thumb controls. Unlike the L39’s glide-shift transmission, a hydrostatic transmission means the L45 can creep along – handy when performing repetitive tasks and you do not want to take your hands off the trigger (or thumb stick in this case).

Dual speed control on the HST pedal also mean not taking your hands off the loader or backhoe controls when shifting gears. Kubota also introduces auto throttle advance which kicks up the throttle automatically if climbing a hill with a load or moving into a pile that would otherwise ordinarily stall the engine. Handy.

Outside cover and inside details of the Kubota's L45 brochure. Click image to see inside.

Outside cover and inside details of the Kubota's L45 brochure. Click image to see inside.

Availability and Pricing
Quotes on pricing for the new model are around $43,000 to $46,000 MSRP depending on having any auxiliary hydraulic kits installed, plus an additional $800-1000 freight and final destination assembly fee. This pricing is a bit above a similarity equipped L48 that Kubota introduced in 2001 for $40,000+. Look for the L45 to show up at your local dealership’s lot this spring or early summer.

Update March 21/2009: Our sources say to look for the L45 to show up at your dealership’s lot within the next couple of weeks (late March early April 2009).

L39 versus L45
The L45 runs on a 4 cylinder, 2.2L power plant and offers a bit more horsepower than its brother model – 45 versus 39 horsepower. Size and weight-wise, the models are comparable with the L45 weighing less than 200lbs more than the L39 and having only a slightly longer wheel base.

L39 versus L45 Specifications

Model Horsepower Displacement Transmission Weight Wheelbase
L39 39 1.8L glide shift (GST) 6987 lbs 68.9″
L45 45 2.2L hydrostatic (HST) with dual speed, auto throttle advance and creep modes 7173 lbs 72.5″

The L45 is equipped with a TL1000A loader which is a modified TL1000 found on the L39 and loader specifications are beefier on the L45. The TL1000A increases maximum lift from 2760 lbs to 2848 lbs, and breakout force from 3560 lbs to 4530 lbs. Both tractors have auto leveling loaders.

Model Loader Max Lift @ Pivot Breakout Force @ Pivot Auto Level
L39 TL1000 2767 lbs 3560 lbs yes
L45 TL1000A 2848 lbs 4530 lbs yes

Backhoe specs are identical between the two models with both boasting 10″ of maximum digging depth and more than 5800 lbs of digging force on the bucket.

Model Backhoe Bucket Dig Force Dipper Dig Force Max Dig Depth
L39 BT1000 5825 lbs 3779 lbs 121″
L45 BT1000A 5825 lbs 3779 lbs 121″

Pictures Wanted
Thinking of buying an L45? Have pictures from your dealer’s lot or trade show? We would love to post up some non-stock photos –


  1. Fendt Tractors Said,

    March 2, 2009 @ 2:02 am

    Great tractor/backhoe, had an initial problem with the starter motor but once that was resolved it worked a treat

  2. Tailrotor Said,

    February 18, 2010 @ 9:00 pm

    A great tractor / loader / Backhoe. Stong , powerful, and fun to work with all day long. Great landscape tractor for grading, lawn work ,and digging stumps.
    A real power house in a small package.

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