Looking for Kubota Specifications? Soon.

Here at OrangeTractorTalks.com we are Everything Kubota and we sure do not like to disappoint! In addition to our articles, videos and active forum, we are preparing to roll out a Kubota specification database.

The database will cover all of the equipment in Kubota’s past and present model lineup, including gray models. Specs on engines, transmissions, serial numbers, loaders, backhoes, capacities, part numbers – you name it – you will be able to look it up. If you are planning on long-term ownership of your Kubota, we figure this database will come in handy a few times.

Upload Your Content Too
Readers from the Kubota tractoring community will also be able to contribute their own images, web links, reviews, PDF brochures, marketing materials and documents to each model as well. Think of it as the Wikipedia of Kubota equipment!

Great. When is all this ready?
Look for the first roll-out Kubota specifications to appear within the next two weeks.

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