Kubota Gallery Available!

We’ve added a Kubota Gallery to the website! Feel free to post your favorite Kubota hauling dirt, digging a hole, tilling or mowing – whatever you’d like to show others. You can access the gallery with the link above, or look on the right-hand menu for “Kubota Gallery”.

How to Reference Photos from your Comments
The gallery will also come in handy if you are posting comments and want to show others a picture of what you’re describing. What you would do in this case would be:

  1. head over to the Kubota Gallery and upload your photo – add a title and description if you’d like
  2. when you upload your photo you will be presented with a link/URL to its location, copy that link
  3. head back to the article you want to comment on, and simply paste the link in the body of your comments

Once the link to your uploaded photo is in your comments, others will be able to read your comments and follow the link to the photo and see its details.

Enjoy the new gallery!

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