SVL95-2S Running Hot with Drum Mulcher (solved)


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SVL 95 2s High Flow Machine w/Diamond 60" disc mulcher,w/Kubota exthyoilcooler
Oct 8, 2022
Crawfordville Florida
If your having a problem with your SVL95-2S getting hot, there are a lot of good possibilities listed below. The list consist of items that have worked for some folks in the past. I appreciate all the input that folk supplied. All suggestions were helpful.
Today 7/23/22, I completed a full 10 hours of operation and the skidsteer engine did NOT overheat. Even though ambient temp was +90 degrees and a massive amount of dirt dust when mulching, the temp gage did not reach the 3/4 mark. First on my list is to thank Chris at 1st Choise Kubota in Savannah, TN for figuring out the problem. Good job Chris.
Im running a Loftness Battle-Ax mulching head (carbide teeth) with an external Loftness dual fan cooler.

The resolution for my Skid Steer was that the engine's cooling fan was on backwards. See below for correct orientation.
Note: Just because an combustion engine's fan is on backwards, does NOT mean the the fan pushes air in the opposite direction. Either way, the fan will still suck air through the engine compartment and blow air OUT of the radiator. The difference is; if the fan is on backwards, the fan blades flatten out, reducing the amount of air flowing through the radiator and engine compartment.

Notes from 7/11/22
I took the machine back (2nd time) to 1st Choice Kubota in Savannah TN. While there, the mechanic names Chris worked on my machine. After checking and trying multiple things to resolve the problem, he noticed that the fan orientation on my machine was different than another SVL95 that was in the shop.
He discovered that; The end of the fan blade has a extension or what I call a teardrop on the outer-end of the blade. He discovered that the orientation of the teardrop on the end of the blades is supposed to be facing clockwise. If the fan blade is at 12 o'clock, the teardrop should be facing the "1:00" position NOT the "11:00" position. Mine was facing the "11:00" position.
I picked up the SVL95 and after one hour the temp gage was just over the halfway mark. After three hours the temp gage was at 3/4.
This is a definite improvement for my machine.
The best that we can figure is; when the previous owner of the machine took to the dealer to have the intake gasket replaced (the fan must be removed), the mechanic removed the fan and replaced it back on the engine in the wrong orientation.

Some Kubota SVL95’s definitely have an overheating problem when running mulcher. if you have a cooling system malfunction, an external cooler will do NOT prevent the overheating. At the time of my problem, at least five Kubota dealers were working on trying to resolve my problem. My problem had been going on from May 8, 2022. to July 5, 2022.
I lost over 28 days of business due to this problem. I even email a letter to Kubota Corporation and received no reply (shameful).

When running the mulcher, the machine motor temperature continually increases (20-30 minutes in to operations) until "Hot" warning sounds off (code: 9114). If I let it cool to where the temperature reading is in the middle of the gage and begin mulching; it only takes an average of four minutes eleven seconds to overheat and sound the E9114 alarm.
Hydraulics stay a cool 175 degrees. The coolant is running around 237 degrees. It appears that the Mulcher puts too much of a load on the Kobota engine for the machine for it to stay cool.

If anyone would like to talk to me about this problem, please feel free to call me at 931-292-0145 (Three Oaks Property Management).

Hi folks, while running a mulcher: my SVL95-2S Skid Steer equip with a Loftness Battle-Ax 71 inch mulcher with Loftness external cooler; begins to run hot (temp light signal and buzzer but not overheating (code 9114), just running hot) after an hour of run time. If I keep operating the overheating shut down code (9115) signals to shut dow the machine.
Has anyone experienced this and found resolution.

Things that have been checked and tried. The below items CAN cause the SVL95 to overheat:

1. Kubota Dealers performed a full engine analyzation while mulching around nothing wrong.
2. Radiator: between the fins must be kept clean. Every three months, fins should be cleaned with a product such as Nu-Brite A/C fin cleaner. Remove the radiator, lay flat on saw horses. Spray the top side with Nu-Brite until the Nu-Brite can be seen running out of the opposite side. Be generous with the Nu-Brite. When clean, you should be able to see a small amount of light between the fins. Remember the fins are in a Zig Zag pattern so you will not see "Full" light. Check for bent fins on the engine side of the radiator.
3. Motor venting clean and clear. Including the lift arm vents. Remove the door behind the tracks (four bolts. Only the top two bolt will come out all the way.
4. I checked the antifreeze.
5. Fan is spinning and pulling a lot of air through radiator. (pushing out)
6. Injectors all tested and changed ( running rich).
7. Check hydraulic fluid changed (12 gal, because I’m running a loftness cooler) and filter 10 hours ago.
8. Air filter new
9. DEF full, only use high grade.
10. Happens with with A/C on or off.
11. Does it with heater on or off.
12. 3/4 or full throttle; it does it.
13. Tried all different high flow setting right side 1-14 and left side from 1-9
14. Using mulcher with external dual fan hydraulic cooler. (Both fans running). The the ambient air is 95 degrees the hydraulic lines 127-137 max degrees.
15. A/C condenser clean and full light can shine through.
16. The inside of the machine is spotless with no debris in the bottom or in the lift arm cooling stacks.

Additional Information:

6/30/22: I fabricated a fan that sucks in ambient air into the engine compartment. This did NOT help one bit. I also wired my A/C fan to pull hot air out of the engine compartment instead of sucking air in. This did NOT help one bit. I also pulled the inspection panels off that are located behind the tracks. This did NOT help one bit.

5/30/22: Kubota dealer said the radiator was clogged. Used the mulched the next day, the machine overheated within the same time frame. I pulled the radiator out of the machine that evening and found 1-4 of the radiator fins bent over. Humm!. All fins were straightened and the radiator was cleaner with "New-Bite" again. Operated the next day, problem was still there.

5/21/21: As suggested by the first Kubota dealer; I transported my Skid Steer to a different Kubota dealer to see if they would have any better luck resolving this problem. I’ve been getting more and more folks contacting me with this same problem. The problem exists with and or without a cooler. All the Techs are still leaning towards the hydraulic pump/system being the culprit.

Update 5/18/22: The SS went back to Kubota Because it's still overheating. As requested, this time I delivered it with the mulching head on it. The tech spent most of the day testing the machine. He began by rechecked the new injectors to assure that all four were running correctly. They were.
Kubota Corp thought that the DEF Re-gen system might be clogged. They forced a re-gen and confirmed that the system was running at the correct temp and was not clogged. He operated the machine with his computer hooked to the system and sitting in his lap. Any time the mulching head was running the engine coolant temp rose significantly. Shut the head off and the temp began to lower. With this, he checked the engine and exhaust temps. He noted that the all engine and exhaust temps never increased enough to affect the coolant temp. This has lead him to believe that there could be a restriction somewhere in the hydraulic system. I'll have another update as soon as I know something.

Update 5/12/22: Took the machine to the Kubota dealer. On 5/2/22. motor still not throwing any codes. Motor is using 1/2 quart of oil every 300 hours. Kubota mechanic says that it normal usage. Mechanic checked port after the turbo to check for "oil burn". Turbo ports are clean with no residue.
After long deliberation, Kobota decided to send the injectors out to be tested. Three injectors were pushing too much diesel and failed the POP test.. Kubota warrantied all 4 injectors (zero cost for the repair).
***Mulched with the machine today: After 1/2 hour mulching, the machine is still overheating. Called
Kubota dealer, they said; tomorrow (5/13/22) they are going to set a conference call with Kubota to discuss the problem.

5/12/22: To eliminate the hydraulic system as the problem. I jumped the fans in the Loftness hydraulic cooler that is mounted on the top of the machine. When the fans are on (all the time), the hydraulic system is running at 125 degrees, and the motor still gets hot.
5/22/22: Kubota suggested setting the high flow settings from right side 14 left side 9 to 12-8 respectively. Machine still overheated.

Update: 4/25/22: Changed the thermostat and both belts. Machine continues to run hot while running the mulcher. The longer I use the machine the hotter it gets.

Thanks for your help

Can you send a picture of your fan so I can compare to our SVL95 2s


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Oct 15, 2022
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When I touched the coupler to change it it was hot as heck. But the alarm never went off and the engine wasn’t super hot but coupler sizzles when I poured water on it



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That’s pretty hot. Although I’ve seen other machines (not running external coolers) hydraulic lines get as hot as you mentioning. I would use a laser thermometer to see exactly how hot then contact Kubota and see what the recommended temp is.
I’m running a hydraulic cooler; mine are barely warm to the touch.
What brand of mulcher are you running?