Phoenix HD T10-66GE Tiller price drop - Connecticut


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Dec 7, 2009
central ct
Used once last fall to put in my new lawn, less than 3 hours. No longer any need for it. In 'as new' condition (dirt on it no additional charge). Sold by EA
pick up in central CT $2600

It did a wonderful job on my lawn to be:

A blurb from EA's site:

Phoenix HD T10-66GE Tiller
Our Top Choice in Tillers, the Heavy-Duty T10-GE Phoenix (built by Sicma in Italy, the industry's best) is standard equipped with a slip-clutch instead of shear-bolt to keep you tilling not repairing. 6 tines per flange instead of 4 like the competitors, giving you maximum wear life. Many Tractor Manufacturers buy and brand these tillers as OEM charging you for their name. Heavier than the T5 Series, the T10 Series Rotary Tillers from Phoenix are made to fit tractors from 30-50 PTO horsepower. Available in gear drive, these units will give you years of trouble free operation under the most demanding applications.
Available in reverse drive with front shield for $400 more.

Standard Features Include:
  • Six Tines Per Flange
  • Adjustable Lower Links
  • Gear Drive
  • Multi-position Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Jack Stand
  • Powder Coat Paint Finish Available in Orange Or Red
  • Heavy Duty Adjustable Drag Board W/Zinc Plated Check Chain
  • Standard Eurocardan Series 5 PTO With Slip Clutch
  • Heavy Duty Construction with Double Torque Tube and Single Piece Welded Center Hitch
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