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Feb 9, 2021
NW Montana
Initially I thought it was very weird that my little 47hp tractor didn’t have a stack. Has a pipe that exits near the left front wheel like it’s some kind of overgrown lawn mower.

Maybe it’s the exhaust placement or maybe it’s the DPF doing its job, but the exhaust in the face when the wind is blowing just right or not blowing at all is something I really don’t miss.

If you have a cab, maybe it doesn’t matter. Don’t know; never had one. And I’m aware some enjoy huffing diesel exhaust. No judgement if you’re one of them. Regardless, a stack definitely looks better IMO.
That's a good point re cab or open station. I don't find that the stack on the M6060 blocks my vision at all, and it can be informative to see the condition of the exhaust as it exits i.e. how sooty it is, whether or not there's significant water in the exhaust gas, etc., something I can't see easily with the MX, which is like your 4701.
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