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Default Kubota l3430 front axle problem

I was recently working my kubota pretty hard in four-wheel-drive when I heard a noise from the front end A few moments later driving forward my right front tire locked up I could go in reverse but in forward motion the tire would lock up it would then sometimes roll for a little ways before locking up again I limped it back onto my trailer in reverse and got it back to my house the tractor has 2400hrs and the only thing in the front axle I’ve ever done where wheel bearings and seals, I was thinking or hoping it was something in the right side of the axle whether that be the gears above the pivot or maybe even the shaft that runs from the pivot to feed the wheel power but under inspection all that looks fine which leads me towards the center diff when apart everything seems to spin freely I can spin one side tire and the other will spin the opposite direction, my questions are has anybody ever lost the diff also how does it come out which side does it come out of and what needs to be done to get it out also when I grab the right hand axle and that is exposed I can notice quite a bit up-and-down play in the diff. Any information anybody might have an a subject would be greatly appreciated I’m a pretty good do it yourself mechanic but have no problem bringing it to somebody who is more knowledgeable if it is actually the front DIff, thanks
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