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    Bx2680 inner tie rod boot failure

    My factory outer boots lasted about ten hours. Installed the boots in the link three years ago. Still there and no problem
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    Tractor clearing a culvert....

    If I tried that the cable would break when the tire was half way through. Pretty good idea though.
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    How would you fall this?

    Good luck. Safety first.
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    GAS Prices Dont Matter

    Will do. Supposed to be built the week of July 25
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    GAS Prices Dont Matter

    Some are. My dealer let me take their Lightning demo to drive over the weekend. Awesome truck. Sticker on the demo, a standard range Lariat, is $69k. That is a lot $$$ for a truck with a 230 mile range. I ordered the Pro model which stickered at $45k
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Same scope I bought and still going strong.
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    Guns...Times have changed...

    Times have changed. 47 years ago, I bought a deer rifle, which I still have. Took it to a department store to buy a scope and have it installed. Walked through the mall with my rifle in hand. Did not even get a second look. Could you imagine if you did that today?
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    Not sure what the best deal is or what model will best suit my needs...

    Sounds like you could use a Ventrac or Steiner
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    How to price a job

    I would not want to cut a neighbors grass for money. If you reduce the cost, you think you are doing her a favor, and she will think she is doing you a favor. However, every now and then the Calvary fired up their mowers to help a neighbor out when they could not cut their own grass
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    BX1880 Capability

    Below is a Neil video from 2018 comparing the 1880 to the 2380
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    Selecting a box blade for a subcompact

    Just something else to consider. If you are going to be using the shanks frequently, the Landpride that you are looking at have spring clips to hold in the shanks. We have the 48" Landpride that uses the spring clips. If I had to do it over again, I would have purchased a BB that used pins to...
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    Waterproof and insulated gloves

    Hopefully the OP found a good pair of gloves after three years. For future searchers, I like to use decoy gloves when it is wet and cold.
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    B2650 front end loader issues

    Neil just made a good video:
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    I'm easily offended I guess...

    Reference to this article: Only in America. Yikes
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    I'm easily offended I guess...

    I am having triggers reading this thread.