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    Making choices...

    I was in business for over thirty years. Learning how to say no to a customer is harder than most people think. And if you don’t do it carefully it can have its implications. I believe Kmart did a study that a good experience equals four people being told. But a bad experience equals thirteen...
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    This is different

    When growing up in the U.P. there were signs on the rural roads: Vehicles with Lugs Prohibited. What was old is new again
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    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    Bought a Kolar shotgun for trap shooting. Pretty much had my man cave set to go before I retired. When the weather is bad you can find me in there. And when the weather is beautiful, well, um, you can still find me in there unless I’m shooting trap.
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    Hydraulic chute build

    If you want to keep it really simple, you can install your own version of a shear bolt in the drive coupler. Machine screw size and not hard.
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    Pics from WNY Snowstorm & still snowing

    Please don’t take this personally Drifthopper, but better you than me! The thrill of moving snow left me decades ago.😉
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    3 point log grapple

    Nice! Post some more pics on your progress
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    First Snow...

    The thrill of moving snow left me decades ago.
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    Kubota Powered Saturn Automobile

    I thought this was going to be one of your projects, Coach.😉
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    L2501 vs a maple stump

    That’s impressive! How long did it take?
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    New toy

    Had that same model only mine was a few years earlier. Pneumatic tires for off road is a big plus. Triple mast with side shift is pretty nice too. Nice score!
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    Seeking Idea/Designs for Boom Pole

    To answer your question, yes! Keep it simple
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    SSQA Leaf Bulldozer Blade

    Very nice! I agree with your choice of hdpe for the bottom edge. Let us know how that holds up
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    Wire gauge

    Plus .001” for plating
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    Wire gauge

    .198” on my L3901
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    When you are thinking you had a bad day, but bet it is not as bad as this grandmother's day

    That was an assault python. You can tell by the profile and dark color.