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    Tractordata shows it calls for a LA181. Here is one on tractorhouse for sale. View Details Updated: Wednesday, July 20, 2022 06:50 AM KUBOTA LA181 Loaders Other Equipment Price:USD $4,000 Get Financing* Machine Location: Mt. Sterling, Ohio 43143 Bucket Siz
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    LA 302 loader issue

    Have you replaced or uncoupled any hoses recently ?
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    Newbie w/light and beeping question

    Did your tractor come with a owners manual ? If not you should be able to download one from Kubota. A WSM ( Work Shop Manual) is also a great reference to have and are relatively cheap. Nice looking rig.
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    L2501 HD Grill-Brush Guard for the LA526 Loader........

    Very well done. I am sure it will last the life of the tractor.
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    Electrical Diagram Question

    The letters are wire colors. BUT, blue is L, and sky blue is sb, purple is Pu or V, the rest are normal abbreviations.
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    Why is my PTO lever stuck?

    Is it a lever or a little yellow button ?
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    3540HST, will not rev up when pushing pedal.

    is the ata ( Auto Throttle Advance) turned on.
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    BX23S rear hydraulic color codes

    what does your owners manual show.
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    Too Steep for a B01 or Even a BX?

    Another issue is tire choice. I would say R14's, I don't think turfs would give the needed traction, and R 1's would be too much. R4's are decent at everything, but not good at anything.
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    Turf to R4 Swap

    Go to the next closes dealer, sadly not all dealers are equal. For anything important I go to the next dealer, as I don't have confidence in the closes one.
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    Turf to R4 Swap

    Start with your dealer, at least then your have a bench mark in regards to price and size.
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    LA 525 Kubota front end loader

    (1) LA 524 vs LA525 Loader Question? | OrangeTractorTalks - Everything Kubota check this post, it says it will fit.
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    LA 525 Kubota front end loader

    Tractordata lists the LA524 as the loader for it. I don't know how much difference there is between the 524 and 525 loaders.
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    Use one beast to fix the other ~!

    I just use a 2 inch long piece of 2 inch angle iron and a maul to break down beads. I put the side of the angle iron on the edge of the bead and hit it with the maul. I may have to do it a few times but it always works.
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    B7100D clutch problems

    Does the pedal travel as far as it used to ? I would take it apart and make sure the p.p. is the correct one, and the pilot bearing is indeed good. Also see if the clutch disk will fit the other way ? Are there any marks on the disk hub, as if the throw out bearing was hitting it ?