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    ZD21 isn’t getting gas to injectors

    Just went through this with my Grasshopper. Bought it new,721D, in 01. Have taken extra good care of it, i thought. Thought it was losing power over time especially with a bagger on it. Thought i would do some checking by looking at the rubber fuel lines. Tightened up the clamps and took off...
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    Tempture readings with a IR

    Grabbed my Fluke and IR and headed to the barn. Pulled the battery to find crud mostly in the far corners. Let my air compressor pump up but not all the way and blew backwards then grabbed the water hose. I checked the sending unit. My meter went to k ohms. I mowed like I did yesterday and the...
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    Tempture readings with a IR

    Thanks for all the replys. It doesnt seem hot, no gurgling and no hot smells. I will recheck for blockages with the radiator.
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    Tempture readings with a IR

    What tempture does a thermostat open on BX 2360? Is 212 A high reading at the sending unit while mowing tall grass. Doesnt seem to be hot but guage is almost to the red. Can anyone give me some ohm readings for the sending unit at different temptures?
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Going back together with my BX. Wanted to renew the driveline boots and glad i decided to bite the bullet and tackle the job. The boots were tost with no grease left for the balls and the little cushions for the balls were gone. Went ahead and put a new fan in and replaced the return sping right...
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    Go faster in high winds??

    I took a little trip out west on my Indian Roadmaster. Got into Kansas. Clear day, couldn't imagine a bad day. Was on the interstate following my buddy that was towing his bike. He would do 10 MPH slower than the posted. We were getting passed by people pulling campers. I was getting beat up by...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Pulled the BX2360 into my shop to start the driveline refresh. I have all the parts including the fan belt,balls and cups ,rubber boots and even a new fan and the return spring. Think i wil go ahead and have a look at the fuel tank closley. Figure it would be a good time to remove the sending...
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    SSQA Pin/

    Isn't there a bolt to hold it in place?
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    Log skidding methods?

    I have seen a setup were you basically have something like a 55 gallon plastic barrel cut in half with a chain ran through the middle which pulls the log into the barrel and that gives the log a plastic snout which allowes the log to glide along and not snag stumps and roots.
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    Synthetic or Conventional motor oil in Kubota diesels

    Ive been remimded several times now that my reply isn't correct. What i ment to say but it came out wrong, if you put synthetic in something that is leaking out the regular dino oil already it will really leak even more with the synthetic. My former life as a fleet mechanic with older trucks to...
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    I believe they should start the rebuilding of Ukraine by having a boat sale.
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    Where to mount.

    The valve tucked in nicley and the lines are hooled up. The instructions say to run the hot lead directly to the battery. I have searched and don't see any pigtails to get a key on lead. Does the ignition switch have screws or are they a push on spade type?
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    Where to mount.

    Thanks for the pictures. Apperantly the valve mounting is a little different for different loaders. I have a 723 loader on a Grand L 3130. The bracket for the electric valve is going to bolt on nicely with the lines all underneth the loader valve.
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    Where to mount.

    I ordered A wicked 55 grapple. They have sent the 3rd functiin valve ahead of time so i unboxed it and laid it out. Which side of the loader do i put the connects up front? Does the grapple come with the hoses preferring one side or the other? And do you orentate the bracket foward or to the rear?
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    Good for a laugh

    I wish i had some of your black dirt.