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    Front End Seals

    I have parts to replace the front end seals on a L3000DT. Not sure what else they fit. Brand New, Still in the original package. 2 - 04811-10850 O-Ring 2 - 31353-44130 O-Ring 2 - 37650-43530 Seal, Oil 4 - TC010-99600 Assy, Seal Cost $310.00 Will sell for $100.00
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    Kubota Blades

    I have a new set of blades kubota # 70000-25023 or 60250-80270. Not sure what they fit, but will sell for $30.00 for all 3. 18 3/8 inch long, 2 1/2 inch wide, 1 1/8 hole in center.
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    Radiator for kubota tractor

    i have a brand new, still in the box, radiator for a L3000DT. I am not sure what else it fits, but the part# TC020-1600. List Price $596.36. Will sell for $200.00
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    parts lookup

    I have some brand new parts for a l??? kubota, that I would like to sell. I got the part #s but not sure what they fit. Is there anywhere that I can lookup the part# and it will tell me what kubota that they fit? Thanks
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    Ujoints for rtv900W

    Thanks for all the info. messick say's I have to purchase a complete drive shaft with u-joints attached. Since I have to purchase a new drive shaft, will the new style fit my RTV900W?
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    Ujoints for rtv900W

    I need to replace my ujoints on the front drive shaft of my RTV900W 2005 serial # 31307. Kubota says I have to replace the entire drive shaft. Has anyone purchased just the ujoints and do they have a part #? Thanks
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    hard shell cab rtv

    I am looking for hard cab for my 2005 RTV900w. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks
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    How check oil level b7100hst

    Thanks to all that answered. Not sure which one is correct for the front diff or if it makes any differance if there is too much grease/oil.
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    How check oil level b7100hst

    I have a b71hst with 4 wheel drive. I know how much grease/oil that the front and rear diff should have. How do I check it to see if it has enough without draining and refill? Thanks
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    B7100 HST Fluid in front Axle

    I just want to check to see if there is enough fluid in the diff without draining it. Does anyone know if there is a way to just check it? Thanks
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    b7200 for sale or part-out

    I am interested in the mower. What is the model #/
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    blades mr4800

    Just a follow up. I ordered the same part # from another vendor and recived the correct blades. I attached a pic to show the 2 blades with the same part #. both came from kubota. Thanks for all the help.
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    blades mr4800

    I just went to the website you provided and it look like the correct blade, but it has the same part # that messick shipped me that was wrong. I am going to contact the dealer to see if he has one in stock to check. Thanks again
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    blades mr4800

    Thanks for the quick reply. I originally went to kubota's website and ordered 70721-34330. They said it was superseded to 70000-250444. That is what Messick shipped me. 70000-25044 is 20 1/4 inch long and only 1 hole, unless Kubota put the wrong blade in the box. Messick call Kubota and they...
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    blades mr4800

    I have a mr4800 mower and have broken 1 blade. The blades that kubota recommends will not fit. Messick is trying to find the correct blade, but so far has had no luck. Does anyone have any info? Kubota says the blade is Part # 70000-25006, but it is 20 1/4 inch long and has no alignment holes...