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    WTB - B5200 - Rim and Tires

    Hello, Looking for the following: 1) 29x12.00- 15 tires 2) 7-16 tires 3) OEM Rims or equivalent- Part Number KUB-66414-17520
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    Kubota B6000 wheel/tyre size

    Hello, I have a B5200 and I'm having the same issues. Did you come up with a path forward on this? If so please let me know what decision you made?
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    Kubota B5200 Rim PN KUB-66414-17520 Tire Size 7-16

    Hello, I am new to tractors in general. Currently I am trying to figure this tire information out. I have all turf tires right now and one is degraded. It is currently a Bridgestone 29x12.00-15. When I try to find this online it is out of stock or the numbers don't match up perfectly. I called...