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    Was looking at box blades

    Im still rocking the 5 foot box blade from tractor supply. I just went and looked and that thing is now $1099 on their website. I got it in 2019 for like $700 - $800; and that was not a sale price or anything, that was the standard price. Now its $1100. I went with this one specifically because...
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    Chain saws -- Stihl MS 251 CB-E

    I dont use a chainsaw all the time, so I run TruFuel in it, that is premixed. Its the same thing as the Stihl Motomix. I would run the motomix but Its a longer drive to get to it. I can get TruFuel at lowes or my local hardware store. It is ethanol free 92 octane, and has a multi year shelf...
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    Chain saws -- Stihl MS 251 CB-E

    Well I don't have a, say, the MS 250, to compare it too, but I know that with the MS 251 cb-e, I feel I run out of tension space before I even need to sharpen the chain. The chains just stretch and I am no longer able to use them, as the saw can no longer extend the bar and tighten them. I never...
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    Chain saws -- Stihl MS 251 CB-E

    Little late but I own this exact saw as well. I have cut down over 50 trees with it, Some of them so large I had to cut from two sides to get all the way through the tree; Buried the bar. In terms of the engine, the power, and the reliability, the saw is fantastic for its size and price point...
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    I've cleared a couple of acres of woods on my property in the past 2 years, all by hand with chainsaw, and then using my L2501 for the cleanup and burning and moving logs around for firewood. For all the chainsaw working and tree felling the only protective gear I have used is disposable...
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    My reading over the years on the Dontetsk and Luhansk regions has been that they are ruled by separatists. Separatists who function a lot like North Korea. People being thrown in concentration camps for made up charges. Being being tortured, kept it inhumane cellars, even mutilated. Most of the...
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    OK smart guys

    are you on a private well or is water being provided from a main?
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    This is a big one. I am hoping it doesn't break the forum will have to see after It is posted. If it does will try to fix it. This is a 180 degree panorama I shot this past Saturday, 2/12/2022. It is roughly a dozen photographs taken from a Mavic 3 drone in a static location, and then stitched...
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    Can a L2501 Lift a 1200lb large bale 6 inches off of the ground.

    1325lbs ? If that is the limit you are seeing on a L3901 then you really need to investigate your hydraulic pressure. I have lifted well more than that with my L2501. Another thing at play may be where the weight is located. If its sitting on a pallet and you are using pallet forks, and I am...
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    Sold the tractor and bought something better

    I briefly thought of a skid steer when I was looking at tractors back in 2019. Honestly, if you dont need a PTO, or a 3 pt. hitch and are mostly need something for lots of FEL work, you cant really beat a good skidsteer. Ive rented them a few times, back before I got my tractor. They feel like...
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    Any former Hippies here?

    My brother is a hippie type. I am exact opposite. I think when you speak about "hippies" you have to kind of define what you mean by that. When I think of it I envision people who are more free spirited, typically more extroverted and social, They tend to have a much more loose, open perspective...
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    Turning White

    Your yard is racist. No really, nice pic. blooms in january.
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    Can a L2501 Lift a 1200lb large bale 6 inches off of the ground.

    just seems high for a 3301. backhoe really jacks the price though. My L2501, loader, quick hitch, bucket, and a big root rake all was just like $20,500. I pay just over $200/month with likely the same financing.
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    Can a L2501 Lift a 1200lb large bale 6 inches off of the ground.

    Its odd that we have to report that we seen a tractor perform a task that is fully within its spec. It is as if we are reporting sightings of big foot to convince people that he exists. Also you are correct that with ballast tires and a little 3pt balast (I use my box blade a lot as its compact...
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    Can a L2501 Lift a 1200lb large bale 6 inches off of the ground.

    Surprised as today I got lots of notifications from this 6 month old thread. I am glad that you posted this picture though just to prove my point in this thread from 6 months ago. 21 Square bales at 65lbs each is approx. 1365lbs. And you are up well above 6 inches of height here. Some people...