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    Wood splitter

    Gotta remember for a pump to develop the rated GPM, the engine needs to be turning fast too. How much fuel will your tractor be going thru in an hour? Plus, the noise of running your engine that fast.
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    New grapple & brush guard project

    Had to make an extension to the latch that allows the guard to tilt forward. A little lathe project.
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    New grapple & brush guard project

    A couple weeks ago, I purchased a Glacier Storm single thumb root/brush grapple for my LX2610. It is the 60" wide model. After some costly couplers from my Kubota dealer, it is now hooked up to the 3rd function I had installed when the tractor was purchased. Initial feedback is that I think...
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    Everything Attachments Grapple

    Shipping to a residential verses commercial address often costs more because of insuficent equipment to unload the parcel, and amount of time to do so. Zip into a commercial dock, fork truck runs in & out, and they're on their way. If the trucker has to wait for you to find your forks...
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    Club car top

    Orange would be nice, but white reflects radiant heat. Any darker color will absorb solar energy, and you will feel it under there.
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    Flow control on the bucket curling ?

    Understand your concern. Thanx
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    Flow control on the bucket curling ?

    Hey Dan - - Planning on putting a basket on the forks so I can trim trees from. Wife will be driving the tractor. Don't want to give her the opportunity to flip me out of the basket, as she's not that mechanical.
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    advise on shed roof trusses diy

    Made some for my sheds in the past. Couple things: 1) Lay out the pattern on your driveway with chalk lines and build to those. 2) Mark the same end while laying on the driveway, and assemble on the building with all the same ends on one side. Flipping occasional rafters can amplify any...
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    Tips for drilling through steel plates?

    1) Pilot hole is recommended on any hole larger than 3/8" if drilling with a hand drill. 2) cutting oil. 3) Good quality drlll bits. 4) Understand what a good sharpened edge looks like. Learn to dress the edge by hand, or find a drill bit sharpener. 5) Learn the feel of the feed thru...
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    Flow control on the bucket curling ?

    Anybody ever put a flow control(s) on the hydraulic lines to slow the action of the bucket curling? Wondering what you did and how it worked out? I'm wanting to limit the speed of my curl at certain times. Thanx !
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    Lowering the Roll Bar and Canopy Shade on a Kubota Tractor

    Modifying your ROPS is your choice, but if you ever decide to trade that tractor in, a dealer will need to discount your tractor for the cost of replacing the whole ROPS bar (upper & lower). He can't sell it if it's modified. Many people do modify their ROPS. Some poorly. They are designed...
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    Concrete Curing?

    There's a lot of moisture coming off concrete as it cures. Caution as you park stuff in there more prone to rusting for a while. And keep the doors open to keep moisture from building up.
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    Storm 48" grapple

    Anyone have experience with the 48" Storm grapple (made in central Michigan) for $1399? Would be using mine on an LX2610 for brush use and some firewood log moving about. Wondering if the thing is strong enough for general conservative use. Thanx !
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    Toolbox ideas for L4060HST-C

    Those rubber expanding sewer pipe plugs would work in your cross tube storage thought.