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    Front hydraulic block

    The L1-R28 kabota is similar to the L2550 and the L2250 kabotas.
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    Front hydraulic block

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a front hydraulic block that I can install on a L1-R28 kabota. This tractor did not come out with one and it has had a fel installed. The pump has no relief valve protection when the hydraulic lines to he loader are parted. ie: quick coupler popped apart with engine...
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    Front hydraulic block for L2550

    That was supposed to read L2550 kabota.
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    Front hydraulic block for L2550

    Looking for front hydraulic block for L2559 kabota. Thanks for any responses.
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    LA450S Hydraulic Installation Kit for L2050 and L2350 Tractors - Lowered Price

    Does this kit have the pressure control valve built into it. If so, I am interested.
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    Kubota L3600-4200 Parts

    HI, looking for front hydraulic block for L2550 to adapt to L1- R28. Do you have one that could work? Thanks in advance for your
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    Hydraulic pump

    Thanks to everyone who replied. I did call lady in Sask and she told me which unit would match. Pump is on order, should be here soon. Thanks again, I really appreciate the input.
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    Hydraulic pump

    Need replacement for input shaft on hydraulic pump. P# 31351-7633-0. This is on a kabota L1-R28. If anyone has any idea where I might find parts for a grey tractor I would appreciate your response and input. Thank-you.
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    24 x 12 wide rims needed.

    Where can l find a pair of used rear rims for my L1-R28 kabota 24" x 12" wide. Does anyone have any to sell?
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    Paint codes

    Does anyone know where l can get the paint codes for a L1 - R28 kabota? I have found a source for the old kabota orange but so far no luck with the paint for the power train. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.