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    Sunshade Canopy

    Looks real nice from the profile, like a factory piece, very clean looking lines. Hopefully more people chime in, with names of aftermarket canopy companies. There is a company I used to have the website saved for, but in my computer crash of '16-'17, I lost the website and can't remember the...
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    Only thing I've ever read about them, was the jerky 3pt hitch. L2800 was on the top of my list before I bought my 28hp JD. I just couldn't find an L2800 in my price range.
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    Broken Stabilizer Adjustment

    Help my old eyes, wheres it broken in two?
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    How to run a loader on a 1987 L2800 manual transmission?

    Told ya, someone will do it differently. I prefer to control the RPM with my foot, so I can vary it as needed. Just gotta find what works best for you. And just for the record, when i said barrel into it, I immediately followed with "the lower the gear, the more grunt you'll have". Obviously...
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    How to run a loader on a 1987 L2800 manual transmission?

    That's just how I do it. I'm sure others have their ways to do it. I treat the hand throttle like a cruise control, for the most part. Mostly for longer runs, like running the rotary cutter, or moving snow, or just running across the property, I'll use the hand throttle. I use the foot throttle...
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    How to run a loader on a 1987 L2800 manual transmission?

    You shouldn't need to use the clutch, unless the motor is stalling, you're changing gears, or starting to move/stop, and maybe changing direction with the shuttle shifter.. Everything else is just taking power from the driveline and putting extra wear, and heat into the flywheel and clutch disk...
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    How to run a loader on a 1987 L2800 manual transmission?

    Does it have a foot throttle, and a hand throttle? Steer with your left hand. Loader stick with your right. Clutch with your left foot. Foot throttle with your right. As you barrel into it, throttle up as needed. Lower the gear, the more grunt it's gonna have to push into the pile. It's...
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    Code reader for M series

    I didn't say it was an OBD port. The JD guys are using adapters between the reader (which is typically an automotive Bluetooth module designed for an OBD port) and diagnostic port. You're only reading and monitoring with a code reader, not rewriting. Big difference. I don't think GM, Chrysler...
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    anyone know what this is on this filler cap

    That's what I was thinking as well. The disks don't look to go any farther than the bottom of the tube. It would be a weird way to measure the fluid, all the way up into the tube, especially, if there's a dipstick right next to it. Gotta be a sort of splash protection or something. Is this...
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    Any affordable pallet forks for a BX2370? will be right up your alley, if solely shopping by price. Pay attention to the weight of them, as it will effect your loaders capacity, to a degree.
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    Code reader for M series

    Can you post a pic of the diagnostic port? Over on a John Deere forum I frequent, guys are using the same Bluetooth code reader and phone app, that I use for my vehicles, on their Deeres. I was blown away by how many parameters they were able to monitor and log, with it. Here is the topic...
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    Oil change capacity

    That's an interesting comment on your part. The reason, is simply because those small engine don't have an oil pump. That's how that design is able to get away with splash lubrication. It's the aerating of oil that causes cavitation in the oil pump and will cause it to fail. No oil pump, no worries.
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    Oil change capacity

    Yup, you are better off slightly low, than over full. Oil aerating, which is what happens when the crank shaft spins through a pan of oil (which is where windage trays, and crank scrapers come into play). Bubbles of air cause cavitation in the pump, and air means low oil pressure at the bearings.
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    Which box blade for L3301?

    That's more a matter of top link length, controlling the angle/aggressiveness of the cutting edge, than the weight of the box blade. On a box blade, when you lengthen the top link, it lifts the front cutting edge and lowers the rear cutting edge. At that point, the rear cutting edge helps float...
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    Ad GONE- Craigslist, N. IL cheap fixer upper B3030

    Yeah, it had some hours on it. It was originally priced at $5900.then they bumped it up to 6 something. Not sure what that other idiots mumbling about. Any chance he gets.