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    Broke in the new Bobcat grapple today, what a blast

    Nice job and you make it look fun. Good to help your community.
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    FEL man basket

    Have to be careful not to bind the legs up or down. Loose fit. Not to heavy to move and position by hand.
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    FEL man basket

    Couldn’t buy a hd like I wanted. Fabricated a man basket using a steel pallet, 2” square tubing and stall mat floor. Added hooks for buckets. Tool grips for polesaws and chainsaw. 650#. Safety leg experiment. Single leg will hold the platform with loss of hydraulic pressure. My wife and I...
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    Making a better grill guard.

    Really good work. Agree expanded metal is light duty for my work. The grating is stronger. Surprised how much damage a little stick can make. That bottom hole between grill and guard can have stalky stuff come up when bush hogging. Everyone doing brush work needs a improved guard.
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    Grab-on! A step up for us old guys!

    Nice job. As many times you have to get up and down well worth the work to make it safer and convenient.
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    Hazard lights protection

    Thanks for the kind words. i haven’t had the hollow bolt fasteners break yet. Always the plastic housing near the bolt. It’s not bullet proof and additional support would improve protection. I use the $7 TSC replacement lamps instead of the $40 OEM. The ultimate might be a metal housing with...
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    Hazard lights protection

    Loose hazard lights due to branches, vines when mowing. From the scrapyard found a piece of stainless steel 5.5” x 1/8” tubing. Back at home cut two 2” rings. Drilled 1/2” hole for lamp bolt. Had file the hole slightly and remove one lens to install the light fixture. Fine sanded to bright...
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    How-to: Raising the hydraulic pressure on an L2501 and measuring the REAL results

    I used a ball valve I can easily operate from the operator station. Don’t need to operate often. Using FEL boom pole setting steel needed to be valved out to not bounce. Keep valved in most of the time. Remarkable what a difference carrying materials smoothly makes.
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    How-to: Raising the hydraulic pressure on an L2501 and measuring the REAL results

    One of better presentations and information about adjusting hydraulic pressure. Thanks for sharing. Installed a soft ride on my M59 and 10,000# gauge to monitor lift pressure. I’m under the factory spec but still scary strong. What’s interesting is when digging or grappling, lifting then...
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    Rubber pads for outriggers

    My B26 bought used came with them. Impressed how well they gripped off-road. Also the couple inches of lift helpful. Wanted some for the M59 backhoe. High $$$ OEM had me looking for alternatives or diy. Finally found some OEM on eBay for $90. Don’t have many hard surfaces to protect but like...
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    Tool box options

    Square tubing has solved my chain, chainsaw and long tool carrying problem. Orange, M59, 6x6” tubing bolted on. Lower skid plates added to protect hydraulics. Gray, B26, 5x5” tubing welded on.
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    Tool caddy

    Oops. 100’ ,3/8” steel cable in atv tire. Makes it easy to stow and handle. No drawings but lots of clamping on, adjusting and adding during the fabrication.
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    Tool caddy

    5 bolts. Three 3/4” bottom, two 14mm top all on the loader tower.