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    Here we go kids

    OK point well taken
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    Here we go kids

    Well my friend I know it is a hot button for a lot of folks including my self, I just want comments kept civil or it will the managers will pull the plug it is that simple
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    Here we go kids

    Comments are fine I simply dont want it getting out of hand
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    Added "Nother Hoss

    Is that thing street legal ?
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    Home security system

    I know some have them ,what are you using, like just fire smoke and motion inside the house or cameras too. Seems we have some unsavory individuals lurking around. Sooo better safe than sorry,, any ideas you guys are using that work well
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    New ballast box

    Now thats thinking ahhhhh outside the box,, :ROFLMAO: ,, looks pretty good, most time those boxes just get trashed ya done good
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    Here we go kids

    Common guys,, I just posted for information please dont let it get out of hand if it do I will ask it to be pulled Now back to our regular programing
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    Here we go kids

    Sheepfarmer, with all due respect, and I know your opinion. I will here remark, that there are enough laws on the books, state and federal to encompass all things natural, and not one of them could have stopped any thing. Is the systems we have in place now perfect, no not by a long shot. And...
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    Here we go kids

    Read and understand the article, and please NO crazy comments. This is an important issue for ALL Americans
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    A l ittle prayer for our friends in the GWN
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    Camp build

    We know what the problem is, but not allowed to talk about it,, soo shhhhh
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    Gas prices

    Reg was 2.69 and Diesel was 3.76 I am half afraid to see what off road is going for
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    Ear Candy...

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    Added "Nother Hoss

    When I was laid off, I got a temp job at the VA hospital in Da Burgh. We all had push cart for tools and such, but security and such had Cushman carts, gas for our side and battery for inside the complex. My boss came to me one morning and said you and so n so head in to east liberty and find...
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    Did I miss something

    Thanks D2 thats most likely what I will have to do,,, And thanks Paul,, its the thought that counts I think I'll pass :) Yep Bucktail a Discada, I think I left the old one up in the GWN last time I was there cause I cant find it. It is amazing how much clean up that thing saved