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    BX2360 Sputtering/Bogging Down

    One more thing you might want to look at, is the fuel lines them selves after time they sometimes get soft and will collapse a bit and shut off the flow,, just a thought
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    Im gona be rich....LMAO

    INTENDED ONLY FOR: (VICTIMS EMAIL) Our records indicate that you are eligible to receive restitution for one or more of the internet fraud schemes you've been a victim of. See necessary case details below. The perpetrator and their group of co-offenders had over 2000 aliases originating from...
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    Another SCOTUS ruling to watch for

    The argument is that the departments/agencies are there to enforce Congress's decisions not to create their own rules. Maybe someone should tell the BATF&E
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    Ballast for B2601

    Paint the wood leave the can alone,, the unknowing will look at it and think WTH???
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    I see where Germany just restarted some coal fired units, so much for the green thing huh
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    Difference in B2601 loaders

    Maybe it is the easy off loader or what ever they call it?
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    Most terrifying moment on a tractor in years

    It is a shame when you put the better part of a 50 dollar bill in the scooter!
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    Experts in magnetic and electric field strength: help with pacemaker safety

    I probbly wouldnt hug the micro wave
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    Glyphosate may not be so safe after all :(

    They said the same thing about AGENT ORANGE too
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    Cattle Died of Heat....

    Ya know lugbolt, a body goes a long way to substantiate your clams. I mean a chicken stampede would be a ugly mess after wards,, ;)
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    GAS Prices Dont Matter

    But but but OAC said we only had 12 years left
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    New season, hummingbirds back

    Cool my hummers came back some time ago hit the feeder really hard and then nothing, havent seen one since.
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    Terrible looking but functional tiedown bracket

    If you think those are bed welds, son you aint never seem any of my try's. Mine have been called a bunch of grapes to other things I dont want to put on here,, I think ya done good, just keep at it
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    Puter geeks

    HUH ????
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    Didn't know your Orange lived near me did you!!

    Soo is this thing still work ???