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    BH 76 vs BH77

    That should work
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    Recommend a finish deck for L3400

    I have the same tractor just newer L3800hst and even though it is approved for a 7’ finish mower I run a 6’ with plenty of power to spare the belts will slip before the engine starts to load up and it was bought from Ag Supply Caroni brand
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    Subframe Compatibility/Cross Reference

    You are good to go the L3400 with LA463 will interchange with L3901 and LA525 as others stated just need the hoses and if you need a fender brace for your 3400 I have one. Mine was on a L3700su and is now on a L3800 and I can’t use the brace
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    Low hydraulic pressure

    In your last picture you will see a 22mm bolt this is where you add shims to raise the psi obviously you already have a gauge and what I have used is #10 washers I use a micrometer and you won’t believe the difference in thickness of the washers you may have to play with it several times so you...
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    The PRICE of super UDT2 - are you kidding?

    Maybe cheaper in 5 gallon bucket. I recently bought 2 buckets of super udt2 to service the L3800hst I recently bought it was 103 per bucket at my local dealer filters were also around 12 dollars cheaper than I found on eBay or Amazon for all including the inner air filter
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    What's your L-series rear tire pressure?

    I run 14 in mine with R 4s
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    L3010 PTO knocks and stutters under load

    I haven’t had one apart yet I am basing my thoughts on your video since the output shaft stops when you put the load on it. There are some great guys on here that will be able to shed more experience on it. You definitely need a manual on it
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    L3010 PTO knocks and stutters under load

    I think you have a internal problem with your pto possibly the little cams.
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    Feeler: Kubota 16" Backhoe Bucket (BT1952A) for sale

    Wish we were not so far apart I am in North Carolina near SC line
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    Transmission rebuild quote

    Not a kubota but as we post I have a new Holland in half waiting on hydrostatic rebuild the shop which is very reputable in my area gave a estimate of 1100 for complete rebuild. As stated once we removed the loader and hoe it was no problem and total bill will be nowhere near 8000.
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    Box Blade Size for L3901 HST?

    I just bought a BB2572 Landpride (6 foot) I found on the book of face and love it.
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    Quick-connect fittings

    I added a 30 degree angle where the hose screws on to ridged fitting. Slightly turned outward and cleared the lift arms great. As others stated it was a Parker item from local hydro shop.
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    WTB 3 point hitch for a L3301

    Get to know some of the guys in the shop at your local dealership I was at mine the other day and found a adjustable draft arm like goes on the right side however going to use it on the left side in place of the ridged on. They had plenty of lower arms in the scrap pile.
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    FEL not level

    I have the same problem on a 2014 L3800 I am not a engineer by any means however I found the mounts that bolt to the tractor are off about 1/2 of a inch apparently the factory jig is off on the later tractors. I recently bought a 2012 L3800 and it is level. Not saying this is correct way to fix...
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    WTB L3200 or L3800 HST

    Thanks I found a 3800hst.