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    WTB BH77

    One for sale in Texas under implements just what you want tractor destroyed in fire
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    BH 77 backhoe subframe mount for a L2501

    Yes the arms have to be removed
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    First Maintenance

    I agree grease is cheaper than new pins and bushings and whole lot easier to install!!!
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    B26TLB PTO Generator

    They are great. my neighbor and I have the 12 kw ones. We have used them through several hurricanes and ice storms. One tractor is a B3200 and other L3800.
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    Hitch hitting hydraulic lines

    I used a 45 angle on the fixed or ridged hose which angled it up and to the right just enough to make everything clear
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    5100 HST with La 844 for sale

    Will you pm me with your number
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    Hydraulic filter / HST filter - the same?

    Yup agree with Dav but is it a HST or gear drive? I buy off eBay normally you can find OEM Kubota dealers selling complete filter kits. Only one not included is the inner air filter this is a option I highly recommend. My opinion is only Kubota brand filters and super udt2. Yes the udt2 is...
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    Trailer size for L2501

    20” trailer and two 5200 axles with braces on both. You will have enough trailer for the future. I started with a 7,000 gross 16” now have a 24 flat 3” dove tail goose neck with two 7,000 axles 14,000 gross that I built. I know it is over kill for a L3800 but you will be surprised what you will...
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    PTO Generator on L185

    What I have is a 12kw which is 24pto hp at max output and run it with a L3800 which is 30pto also my neighbor has same generator with a B3200 which is 24pto both tractors do good however you can hear the tractor “load up“ as you increase the load on the generator. I know I didn’t answer your...
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    2007 L3400 Fuel Pump Issue?

    I second the seat switch or operator present switch under the left side of the seat
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    Not sure on the seat. I had a BH7500 on a L3700SU and it used a sub frame. Your tractor is the larger frame size but be careful with the top link. There all kinds of stories about the 3pt hitch top link being ripped out.
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    Power and Weight

    As others said you will better off with weight on the 3pth. It acts like a see saw the weight behind the rear wheels will remove some of the weight or load add to the front axle by the loader. I chose this instead of loaded tires. Every one‘s application is different and if you have no intention...
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    B3200 mower and loader

    Does anyone have a B3200 with a mmm and loader installed? If so would you post or send me pictures of the mounts. My neighbor just bought a loader for his I was thinking the loader frame would have the mower brackets made on it, not sure if you use the current mower brackets on top of the loader...
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    Ssqa question

    Does the 504 on a B3200 use the same quick attach as the 524 on the L3800
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    Hydraulic level

    What I did was take out the little window (22mm wrench if I remember correctly) slowly filled till it ran out replaced the window and added very slow until the oil was half way.