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    What's cookin' boys?

    Magic- those look so good. Bet my homemade chicken wing sauce would be a great condiment….. 😋
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    Making choices...

    I ran a catering business for my employer for a while. He was a sole proprietor. Became a good friend that was in my own wedding. We did weddings, company picnics, clambakes, etc. Like others said, it's hard to turn down work. Oddly, we had a couple large corporate accounts we swore off...
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    BX2822a 55” front snowblower

    I didn’t look at your parts diagram, but a bottom plug on the gearbox could be very well disguised…. Another option, if on the side, is to flush with a little fresh gear oil.
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    To Plow or not To Plow

    I would plow it, then sand if/when needed. Wood or coal stove ashes are a good substitute. Salt is useless on a gravel drive IMO. You get ice with salt holes in it at lower application rates, and if you apply a lot, get mud.
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    Electric Car in your future?

    Not picking on Ford, but use heated seats and steering wheel as primary heat?!?! I wonder how long it’ll take my heated steering wheel to defrost the windshield at 50 mph, 12 degrees F and snowing like crazy!?!🥶❄️😎
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    Getting ready to retire, what did you treat yourself with?

    With 35 and 38 years in our retirement systems, I and the Mrs. are ready to go. The economy has given me pause to not jump at it. We also have a couple house projects pending. Probably getting those house projects done will be our treat before retirement.
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    What's cookin' boys?

    An afterthought, and started about my bedtime, but came out darned good. Yeah, I’m not feeling great either, but we’ve got this boxer puppy to keep tabs on….. Somebody needs to be attentive. At 6 months, he’s pretty good but…..😉
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    What's cookin' boys?

    Our son (23) had COVID last week. Mom and Dad didn’t get COVID, but we’ve both been nursing colds since late last week. We’ve tested negative for Covid multiple times. Mom’s not feeling great today after work. Chicken soup would be good, but we’ve got just enough turkey leftovers to swing some...
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    Wait....WTF?!?!? You said you didn't follow the Manual...then you said you did.... There's 1,000's of OTT members here on OTT. If I had a tractor problem, I've learned in 10 years there's about 20-30 people here I'd want to help me with learned advice. Dave_eng is one of them......his...
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    Awesome dogs thread

    She looks like a sweet little girl. Enjoy her….I’m sure she will reciprocate! 😉
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    Awesome dogs thread

    For many years we’ve put our dogs outside on a 50 foot rope. With Geddy getting to 50+ very athletic pounds, I went from a 1/4” to 5/16 rope. May have to go to 3/8, but this size should work for a long time. I found the rope we had for Ernie, our first dog. 147 pounds of monster. We guessed...
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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    Dan - I had used Fram in my JD 425 garden tractor for 12 years without issue. Kawasaki liquid cooled twin cylinder. Were easy to get at my local TSC. Given time, I might remember the filter #. I put several hundred hours on it, and traded it in when I bought my Kubota with a Fram filter on...
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    Tire chain question.

    I have front chains, but so far have only used rears. With care, I don’t see an issue chaining all 4. Just need to pay attention.
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    Do you reverse your rear blade for snow ... any issues?

    Only one season under my belt with a back blade, but I do reverse it. Ready to go for season 2 and parked where I can get to it. I sometimes use the box blade for wet stuff too.
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    B7800 Wix or Fram filter numbers for oil and hydraulic filters.

    I got a Fram motor oil filter when I first got the Kubota tractor. I literally had the Fram in one hand and Kubota branded filter in the other. Something just wasn’t right with the Fram. Hard to describe, but it’s still on the shelf 10 years later…