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    B2301 or B2601?

    I just recently purchased the B2301 and had the option and availability of a 2601. The way I saw it was based on the very small differences between models, if you're not happy with the 23hp and it can't cut it, I don't see how the 26hp will be any different. I know it's only 1200$, but it's...
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    Newbie question regarding rear auxiliary/remote valves (B2301)

    Thanks everyone for the great advice! It's much appreciated! Thanks for the explanation of the different valve types for motors and cylinders. Cylinder Spool Valve is what I would need. Am I right in assuming that the flow rating of the valves have to be as close as possible to the flow...
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    Newbie question regarding rear auxiliary/remote valves (B2301)

    Hey everyone! I'm a proud new owner of a 2021 B2301 and had a question regarding rear aux remotes controls. I did not opt for the rear remotes when I purchased the tractor simply because money lol. I do intend on adding perhaps 2 sets in the near future and based on my research it's something...