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    what style of hose couplers are used by Kubota?

    I have a Homestead Pinnacle, great piece of equipment. I sent them a picture of my fittings and they matched them for me and installed the correct ones on grapple.
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    Grapple Mods

    Recent thread on this:
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Curios where you got the "cigar lounge", we are looking for something similar. Thanks!
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    Summit Hydraulics electric rear remote valve kit - Kubota L3901

    I would also be interested in that! Looks awesome!
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    Weight of filled tires?

    That is my concern, thanks for the reply and the link. You give me more confidence that I can handle them!
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    Weight of filled tires?

    Thank you, it does not list my tire size, and only gives added weight. I am looking for total weight.
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    Weight of filled tires?

    I ordered some Bora wheel spacers for my L2501 with R4 tires, which I will need to remove to install spacers. Does anyone have an accurate weight for a filled 15-19.5 tire? Filled with WW fluid. I tried searching here and elsewhere without a definitive answer. Thanks, all!!
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    Tree work and pulling advice - rope or chain recommendations?

    A great source of ropes/rigging, etc.
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    Excellent choice. Be safe.
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    Helmets are also available with hearing protection and face protection, which is NOT eye protection. They also have a way better suspension system. Not trying to argue, but I would like to see what data you are basing that claim on. Again, 35+ years in the business, CTSP( Certified treecare...
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    For what reason?
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    safety gear when taking down trees

    Professional arborist since 1984, strongly recommend Kask helmets. The forestry type helmets can fall off. My buddy fell 60 feet from a tree, Kask saved his life. Not cheap, but well worth it. Also Z87 rated safety glasses and chaps. Also keep in mind all helmets have an expiration date. Be safe!
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    L01 series rear work lights

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    Carryall for sale

    click on the down arrow under posters name, gives location. In this case, Charlottesville Va