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    Installing wheel spacers

    You may be thinking of red locktite. I frequently use blue locktite and used it on my spacers, it doesn't require heat to loosen.
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    B2650 to a LX3310 is it worth it?

    Heck when I had a B2650 with the 72" deck it barely bogged down and even then only a couple places in the yard where the weeds were really thick. But for your situation I guess a LX3310's extra hp should help.
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    I'm going to view a used B2410 with mmm in the uk.

    A B series with its larger wheels will be far nicer on rough pasture. I had a B7500 (which is very similar to a B2410) only the B2410 has position control and a couple more HP. I never lacked for HP but position control would have been appreciated. These are solid little tractors and being...
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    Oh Happy Days!

    LOL you're going to be busy! Yes brush piles are great for habitat.
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    Tree Puller for a Kubota?

    Barberry seems to have a root ball and pops out easily, but I have less luck with olive and rose which seems to slide right through the grapple tines. I may invest in a tree puller, an inexpensive one like Titan, because if it works at all it should save a lot of work.
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    Oh Happy Days!

    Oh boy do you have tasks lined up?
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    Tree Puller for a Kubota?

    UpNorth I'm considering buying that puller, not for trees per say but rose, barberry, and olive bushes which I have scattered over my acreage. Do you think a small L can handle this? I just noticed Nicfin's post, looks like it should work for my use.
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    Is this fine for an L2501 Oil Change?

    For those who are using Rotella T6 are you using 5W-40 or 15W-40?
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    Traded my L2501 HST for a Kioti DK4210SE

    I'm not sure why he took the incremental step from Kubota to Kioti, he should have gone all the way and bought a Mahindra.
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    You've heard it me pick!

    I think a B2601 would suffice but if you are also thinking of an LX 2610, and if you don't need a center PTO for a mower deck etc., I would suggest for about the same money to go with an L2501, The L is not much bigger, in fact may be a touch shorter but it is built heavier and a little wider...
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    Small tractor advice

    I wouldn't say an emission tractor uses more fuel than a non emission one when worked the same, at the same rpm. But doing say continuous loader work or rear blade grading at 1,700 RPM will be quieter and use less fuel than running the engine at full PTO rpm. This is my experience.
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    Small tractor advice

    Emission stuff is expensive and adds some complexity? Needing to run close to max power using more fuel all the time to reduce regens? Remember the OP's talking about 1 to 1 1/2 acres, surely he wouldn't need more than a 20-25 hp tractor.
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    Small tractor advice

    A BX sounds perfect to me.
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    L3901 Delivered Today

    If the 4wd lever doesn't easily change when stopped with the clutch in, to unload tension, with wheels straight I let the clutch out and with light pressing or pulling pressure on it creep the tractor forward a foot or two. If that doesn't work creep it back a foot or two, one way or the other...
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    How good is alternate energy?

    I agree in some hot areas of the country (southwest) solar panels generate power when it's most needed, in the heat of the day. One problem is (like for batteries) heat is hard on photovoltaic panels shortening their life). Also unless you're in a high elevation you need your AC to run at night...