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    Old brick bbq pit

    Dont mess up you loader bucket or chance hydraulic leak issues , put on a box blade and back into it to knock it down and drop it up and down to knock loose the pieces Then scoop it up w thee loader
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    Box blade or tooth bar for grading grassy area? Or neither?

    Buy a heavy box blade, sized to the outside edge of your rear tires, Yes get the indivdually adjustable up and down 7 or 8 teeth Box Blades last forever and work great with practice moving dirt and shaping an area, If you need to cut a high area down-- a few inches, or feet, -- harrow or...
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    Price of steel=OUCH!

    Price of Steel ? ...Say thank you Joe Biden and the New Green Deal, they think a backyard gaden will supply all their needs :rolleyes:o_O:rolleyes: