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    SPL0560 Snow Pusher: will it attach to B2601 SSQA?

    It will fit with no issues. As far as I know those have no issue between the BX and B series. Its once you start getting into the larger machines you could possibly damage it as it's not as heavy duty.
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    Barn Build

    Hope you get well soon! As far as the dollies go, can't go wrong. Will make your life much easier lol
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    Barn Build

    They end up hooking you up with any extra stone?
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    Front snow blower for B2601

    As far as I know they are specific to a model range. The K connect will be able to handle a blower, or blade, or sweeper basically.
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    Barn Build

    I knew you had kids and am glad that you put it in a trust for them. Hopefully they will enjoy it one day.
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    Barn Build

    WOW! I'm Jealous and impressed! Didn't know there was that much land there lol Hell of a price for that parcel. Although I am sure that was a pretty penny back then. Guessing it's worth quite a bit now. You are very blessed to have that for sure.
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    Barn Build

    Don't you live on the Cape?? How the hell is there room for buildings like that! 😉:LOL::LOL::LOL:
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    Deene Kubota: If It's Not the Most Highly Rated Kubota Dealership I'd Be Surprised

    This awesome to hear. Not much in the way of customer service these days. So to hear of stories like this is always a pleasant surprise. Glad you got all of the answers you needed and the right equipment!
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    JDQA snow pusher on BX23s

    My little 1880 pushes over a foot of snow with no problem. Combination of 4x4 and plenty of weight. It bogs down but the torque kicks in and she does just fine. Ive got the 60" model.
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    New Kubota Attachment Delays?

    Ahern has or had quite a bit of stuff. That's where I got mine from. Guessing if you're in Eastern MA you didn't go with them then?
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    KubotaT2541 Brand New Never Used

    Damn good deal!
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    Cleaning up the ugly appearance and loose wiring of the Land Pride 3rd Function on an L-series

    Forget the third function, i'm drooling over your shop!! hahahaha
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    new LA724 loader

    I'd say... hasn't logged in since Jan. 2014
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    FOR SALE: R-1 Ag tires/rims off L3430

    That makes sense. When I saw the comment I was like how can this guy not figure out its a set? Duh, it was edited which I did not know. 🥴 :LOL::LOL:
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    FS: Turf Tires and Wheels for L3301/L3901

    Well that kinda sucks. Usually they're pretty active. Hopefully you'll get a reply!