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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    I ordered a new GMC Denali in May. Was finally accepted by GM and built in November. Been sitting in a lot (with hundreds of other trucks) waiting for shipping. Coming up on a year in a few months. So, its not just tractors sadly.
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    Want versus Need - L47 or L4701 or MX5400

    All great advice and perspective, much appreciated. I do agree, that there is no compromise to having a professional perform the high tier work that you can't afford to not have done right. 100% agree with many of you on that point. Yes, in southern Arizona we get monsoon rains and flash...
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    Want versus Need - L47 or L4701 or MX5400

    Jim, thank you for the response. There was a mini-excavator that came out to do a percolation test and he had difficulties with getting below 4'. Do you think even the very capable L47 BH configuration would be useless?
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    Want versus Need - L47 or L4701 or MX5400

    Thanks all in advance. This is my first foray into the tractor community. I own 8 acres of desert property in the Southwest. It is flat, no grade really, but about 3-4' down is rock (common for area). We are building a new home, guest home, and RV garage on this site and I feel a tractor...