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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Nope type of trailer does not make a difference. Take a look at this story video. Weigh Safe
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Look at the sticker on the side of the drivers door. It will tell you how much weight you can have total for your truck. This weight will include passengers, fuel, any accessories plus tongue weight. Take that weight and subtract passenger weights fuel any accessories and that will be the...
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    Will I notice the difference without the loader using a Grading Scraper?

    Here is a short video about the HST peddle. As stated above it works backwards from a car.HST Messicks
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    Toothbar vs. Asphalt

    I have a BX2380 so a little different then yours. I take mine off in my garage all the time. I have an old piece of outdoor carpet I place it on. I wouldn't worry about putting yours down on the asphalt, you could place a few pieces of 2 by under it (as stated above) if you are worried...
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    Shout Out to Boda products

    Nice you made it to second grade welding, a lot further then I got. I welded a deck wheel on a neighbors BX1880, lets say it is still stuck on there after three weeks. I also welded my Cub RZT after hitting a very large and heavy rock. It is about 1st grade work. I like the looks of the...
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    Tektite cab on a BX2380?

    He said it is under his house.
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    What do you do with the trails you maintain?

    So it is a public easement, if so I would let who ever has the rights to that easement take care of it. I had one on my propriety at my last house. I let the city take care of it. They would mow and fix the path when needed. I figure it this way if the city / county want a path there they...
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    Shout Out to Boda products

    See I learned something today already. Is the URL.
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    Shout Out to Boda products

    I have a BX2380 I bought two years ago. Last year I noticed my tie rod end boots where ripped. So I ordered the Boda Products kit to replace them. Shortly there after a tree fell on my garage, and well my focused changed from fixing the tractor to fixing my house. The other day I was using...
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    Extend trailer parking area near shed

    A few questions How long and wide is the area? What is already there? You say a 5 or 6 foot slope, in how log a distance? As stated above you might need a retaining wall etc. A tractor will get the job done no problem. Terms Fill dirt Gravel Retaining wall ie Rocks, rail road ties, block...
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    Drifting throttle

    I am not sure of the B7200 but on my BX there are two nuts under it to adjust it. Set the top one and snug the bottom one to the top so it will not back off.
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    Swift Tach Loader Removal??

    I will add, I do mine in my garage. I put a carpet on the floor and drop it on it. I did it in the yard once and it wasn't level. Made it a pain to put back on. So keep it as level as possible drop it curl it and disconnect it. After you do it once or twice it is really pretty easy.
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Not my tractor but a Mini Ex I rented for the weekend. I figure my tractor will be a little lighter in the trailer.
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    New Tractor Operator - Skill Building or Jump In Head First?

    Watch when turning when you think you have enough room back up or go forward a little more to make sure. That bucket or grapple up front take awhile to get used to while turning. If it don't feel safe don't do it. Take a look and see if there might be another way of doing it. As started...
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    Mid-mount PTO uses?

    Relax I am pretty sure it was all in fun.