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    Big problem with my loader LA344

    If you haven't done this yet, I will add one thing. Take the bucket off to make it lighter to lift.
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    Sidekick XG850 Recall

    When I dropped mine off I talked to the salesman I always use. He stated that they can't sell them until the recalls are done. This is a smaller town dealer that has been around awhile.
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    Sidekick XG850 Recall

    I dropped it off yesterday with my XG at the dealer. You can call your dealer and see what they want you to do. Mine said bring it in if you want or we can send someone in a few weeks, I opted to bring it in.
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    Sidekick XG850 Recall

    I will bring to my dealer either today or Monday. It is parked in my garage right now with 10 bags of concrete in the bed. I have a contractor putting a new deck on my place and should use the bags up today. Thanks
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    Sidekick XG850 Recall

    I received a letter today from Kubota saying stop driving my Sidekick because the steering shaft my shear due to a misalignment of the electrical steering support bracket. If you have one and run it hard give it a check. I was told by my dealer pretty much all XG850's have this issue. Be safe...
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    BX Series - First Service

    I had no issue with mine the last time I did it. Now that you mention a fuel shutoff I might install one when my service comes due. I have a set of fuel line pliers from Harbor Freight I use on stuff like this. I will say I normally due this type of service on a Saturday Morning with a cup of...
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    Keeping snow and rain off the seat?

    Flip the seat up and cover the entire tractor with an old riding lawn mower cover.
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    glass door replacement

    You can always go to a boat shop that makes covers etc, to get one made. If the glass one keeps breaking the canvas ones will not fair much better. Can you find a glass shop and get them to make or order bullet proof glass.
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    you can legally take the ROPS off it is your machine. The problem is if something happens and the ROPS would have stopped you or someone from getting hurt. You will not be able to go after the MFG for legal claims against them. If you have insurance for that sort of thing, they may deny the...
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Time to clean up the leaves.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Back hoe off. Wood chipper on to clean out a brush pile. After this I will put the MMM on and the cyclone rake on and clean up the leaves. Heck after that I might even wash it before the next project.
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    Bx23 Violent start up

    How cold is it where you are? Do you see the Glow Plug light come on and then go off? If so do it twice before starting if it is that cold.
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    Any idea what this is?

    It is a Cyclone Rake 3 point adaptor. I have one for mine.
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    Stumps I hate them.

    I might have to try this on my next one. The natural gas line is about three feet away from it, so no digging. The line is about 20 inches down so I should be good to burn it out. If you hear of a gas explosion in TN you know what happened(-;