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    Making a better grill guard.

    I know there are many grill fab videos and picture builds out there but I was never really satisfied with most of what I saw. I do not care for the expanded metal look or the lack of strength that it provides so I went a different route. Check it out if your interested in protecting your grill...
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    A Better Front Brush Guard Please!

    HAHA! I am sure you could have something similar made right in your neck of the woods for a reasonable price. Thanks for the kinds words.
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    A Better Front Brush Guard Please!

    Thanks! I just finished editing. Here is the video. It turned out fantastic!
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    A Better Front Brush Guard Please!

    I am currently fabricating one in my shop. It is different than most that I see but is a very clean look and very stout. Mine is fabricated and then bolted on. I'll try and post my work on YouTube and add a link once completed. Until's a pic!
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    Got my L3560 today!

    Thanks so much!I am excited to have a tractor again. I purchased an L3130 new back in 2005 and sold it when I moved to Tucson from Indiana in 2011. Then I bought an L3240 in 2014 and sold it when my daughter went to college. Now I am retired from my previous job and intend to keep this one for...
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    I just bought an L3560 HST and I got the KTAC. It is pricey but it is very good insurance. I financed thru Kubota so it was part of the deal. Good piece of mind and if I break something then I'll be glad I got it. I purchased an L3130 in 2005 and was not required to get this insurance. I never...
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    Got my L3560 today!

    No I did not buy the QH but it is something I have been throwing around. I was at Rural King today and they had a QH made in India. I was surprised how well it was made. Very stout and it was only $99! I was shocked it was so cheap. Gonna measure my Landpride mower to see if it matches up.
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    L3650 Shutdown Timer T0070-31410

    What exactly does this part do for the tractor?
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    Got my L3560 today!

    Hello guys and gals, My name is Christopher. I have been lurking on the forums for a few months gathering information on the new tractor I just bought. I had a new L3560 HST delivered today by Marvin, the driver for Barlow's Kubota out of Somerset Kentucky. You guys really saved me some money by...