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    LX2610 quotes from dealers

    Curious, is this M&B that gave you this qoute?
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Of course I understand the title. That was a play on words.....Tail wagging the dog....Tractor pulling the trailer.....
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    Picture of your tractor on your trailer

    Tail wagging the dog!
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    When waiting how often do/did you call your salesman?

    I went to my dealer for the first time in a couple months this weekend. When I pulled in there were 25 different tractors out on display in front. Not one had a front end loader on them. The first time I've ever seen then displayed without a loader attached.
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    New LX2610SU with dealer installed Cruise Control

    I have the standard lx2610. I have both levers, parking brake and cruise control, side by side.....
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    Any LX2610 or B2650 owners?

    Lx2610 delivered July last year. Just got it back from it's 50 hour service. No lurching at all. Used a lot with my grapple.....
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    Are new B3350HSDs getting the same common-rail injection as the LX3310?

    I was going to get the lx3310 when I was looking at tractors last year. When my dealer damaged the one lx3310 they had on the lot, I switched and bought a Lx2610 with some implements in July. To be honest, haven't once said "I should have waited for the next lx3310" yet.....
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    Weird tire issue

    I've had the Marathons on my 11K pound 5th wheel for 3 years now. Many thousand miles. No issues....
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    Fair price for a Land Pride FDR 1660

    Looking at a nearly new (used once) FDR 1660 finish mower. Anyone recently bought one? How much did you pay? Thanks!
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    After one week with the LX2610

    Again, since this is my first tractor, I can't really compare them to any others. But I had no problem with all that snow and no chains. I have also been driving around the yard through the snow to clear around the fire pit and the front of the house to clear an area for the dogs. Deep fluffy...
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    After one week with the LX2610

    My snowblower died 5 minute into my attempt to clean up 42"s of snow this week. So I fired up my lx2610 and figured I'd give it a try. I am a new tractor owner (June) so this was my first attempt. No chains, the new R14's on it. At first it wasn't too productive, but I was plugging away...
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    Smokers! (Of the cooking variety)

    I've had an electric smoker and now have used 3 pellet smokers. They are not the same! The pellet smokers use electricity to run the auger that regulates how many pellets go into the burn bowl. This allows you to be able to leave your smoker and let it self regulate the temp. It is the way...
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    Incentives and delivery?

    That is the way it was explained to me when I got my tractor this summer. But I was lucky enough that from when I ordered my tractor and everything came in and was delivered, the incentives hadn't changed...
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    Wait times on LX2610HSDC?

    This isn't your dealers issue, it's happening to many dealers! Covid is assaulting them.