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    High Use or Professional Chainsaws

    17 years ago I bought a New Husky 385XP still runs like a beast. 24" bar using it today to cut up some firewood. every tank of gas I blow it off with compressed air and touch up the chain with a file. great saw.
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    Yeah mine are doing well also..... considering this heat wave. I've drug the hose out there a few times to help. tassles just coming in.
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    BX23S hazard lights stay on

    Heres an odd one.... The 4-way flashers on my BX won't shut off. I'm thinking maybe a bad flasher? or the round push button switch... I sprayed a little contact cleaner around the button but didn't help. haven't had time to look for the flasher or investigate further. ... but I will soon...
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    Not a tractor but I found it in the barn

    We had the same stove growing up. It did OK .... not great. my house now, I had a "warm morning" coal/wood stove that was a monster... put out great heat. But parts were getting hard to find.... it needed a new shaker grate.... ended up selling it and Buying a new Jotul stove... I...
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    Willow propagation?

    y'all are right..... and I screwed up. I should have never planted them there.... so last weekend I dug up the dappled willow and put it on the other side of the driveway where there is a wetland area down yonder.... they can reach out that way and have plenty of water. transplant went...
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    Willow propagation?

    Thats interesting.... I thought Hybrids were deer resistant. They say the dappled willow is.
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    Willow propagation?

    Where did you buy them? I don't see them locally ever... in New England. I ordered some starters from Burgess seed Co. and they send them in the dead of summer... dry as a bone... I called them (which is near impossible to get an answer) and they eventually sent more in late fall..... I was...
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    Willow propagation?

    Is there a certain time of year to take cuttings? or anytime
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    Willow propagation?

    I hadn't thought about that... good to know. They are a good distance from the last leg of the leech field... I think I should be ok. Ima (try) to keep the bush willow trimmed back. Hybrids can grow as high as they want.
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    Willow propagation?

    Hybrid Willow....
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    Willow propagation?

    I cut 2 branches off a japanese willow and stuffed them in water bottles.... Not sure if thats how you do it... But it seems to have started roots... So heres the question: How long do you wait until you plant it in soil? wait until it's a good established root ball or put it in soil now...
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    Watch your ROPS

    Do you guys have any issue when using the backhoe? I've never measured but it seems like your head might be pretty close to the top.... stand up quick... bango ??
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    Dash Cams

    I bought this one for the wife last year..... she loves it. So I just bought another one for my work truck. very easy to use. The memory card will start recording over itself when it's full. Smart phone is not nessesary just wire it to ignition.... and when the vehicle starts, it records...
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    Gas prices

    CANAAN, CT. 02-16-2022